Embedded Position excercise

Embedded Position
Place good news in positions of high emphasis: at the beginnings and endings of paragraphs,
letters, and even sentences.
Place bad news in secondary positions: in the center of paragraphs, letters, and, if possible,
Effective Use Of Space
Give more space to good news and less to bad news.
Evaluate the examples below to determine whether or not they present negative information
1. To ensure that the Roanoke is more stable than other lamps of this size, our designers
have put six claw feet instead of the usual four on the base and thus eliminated the need
for weighting.
2. We have an excellent tuition refund program to assist our empoyees (see Working with
General Motors, page 8). Where an advanced degree is essential, individuals are recruited
with those particular advanced degrees. Both Butler and IUPUI offer courses leading to an
MBA degree.
3. With our rigid quality standards, corrections of Adidas merchandise run less than .02
percent of our total line. We currently have a check on all our machine needles before
work each day, which assuresthat the stitching on our Adidas carrying bags will last the
lifetime of the bags. Thank you for calling our attention to the loose stitching.
4. We will furnish your club chair by August 18.
5. I have extensive clerking experience my father's grocery store.
6. ABC Dog Biscuits will keep your dog healthy.