State Project Each student will choose a state of their choice to

State Project
Each student will choose a state of their choice to research and write a
report. Students will get a book from the school library to read. Students will
also be able to look up information on the computer. We will do most of the
written report in class to learn the writing process. We will make a web to find
several topics and then narrow down the topics to three and write three topic
sentences and supporting sentences to form three complete paragraphs. Most
to the work will be done in class, but if a student falls behind, then some work may
have to be completed at home, but that is not the goal.
At home the student will create a cereal box based on their chosen state.
Design your box to match your state.
Cover your box with a background.
On the front of the box, name your state and add a symbol to
describe your state. It could be the state flag, bird, tree, flower,
map, etc.
On each narrow side of your box, write one or two facts about
your state
On the back of your box, design a game to play with information
about your state. It could be a crossword puzzle, a word
search, or a game with a path to follow with instructions.
Bonus: Add pictures or items that tell more about your state
inside your box.
Use your imagination and be creative!
Due date April 4th.
_________________Cut and Return Tuesday, March 25th________________
State project choice: Name of State
________________ first choice
________________ third choice
__________________ second choice