When to apply

Levi Lassen Foundation- Grants Program
Guidelines for Applicants (March 2014)
Please refer to the target groups, policy and guidelines of the foundation before applying. Grant requests that
are not within the guidelines cannot be considered. The Foundation receives many applications each year and
cannot fund them all. In order to increase your chances of receiving a grant, we recommend that you
carefully read and follow the guidelines before submitting an application, making sure that your project and
organization are eligible for funding. Please feel free to consult with our representative in Israel prior to
Non-profit organizations which meet the requirements and guidelines are invited to apply for funding.
Applying to the Foundation does not guarantee funding.
If you have questions or need clarification regarding your project, feel free to contact us for advice on
possible directions for funding.
Who can apply?
 Organizations officially registered as non-profits in Israel (amutot, community interest
companies, and charities) with valid authorization of non-profit status (rishum amuta), proper
management certificate (nihul takin) and valid certification from tax and VAT authorities (Ishur
nihul sfarim ve nikuy mas). Start up NGO’s don’t need nihul takin. Individuals cannot apply.
 Preference is given to small to medium-sized organisations. (Up to an annual budget of 300,000
Euros). The amuta has to be of a grassroots nature. It can be a new amuta or an amuta that has
been around for many years.
 Projects to be held in Israel for Israeli residents only.
What types of activities do we support?
The foundation accepts grant proposals from social change grassroots organizations that are active in
the fields of women economic empowerment only and that advance the economic situation of women
with a focus on women from marginalized populations- geographic/social periphery, women from
oriental background, (Mizrachi), Ethiopian community, former Soviet Union, Ultra-Orthodox and Arab,
Druze and Bedouin. The age group we support is 18 years and above. We have a preference for handson projects- projects that clearly advance specific women that as a result of the project will be able to
set up or grow their small business, acquire tools to get a good job, or develop a source of income for
themselves or for their amuta. A grant request should be of 15,000 Euros or under, and should be for up
to 50% of any specific project.
The Foundation does not, as a rule, fund the following
 Programs with a political bias or ideology
 Pure arts (e.g. music, dance, vocal, theatre, films, drawing, sculpture).
 Formal education
Advocacy or policy changes
 Scholarships, food or equipment distribution to individuals in need
 Hospitals, medical treatment or equipment
 Religious activity and interfaith programs
 Academic research and conferences
 Universities and colleges
 Construction or renovation costs
 Municipalities or schools
 Trauma, post trauma, rehabilitation and emergencies.
 Projects where the activity undertaken is clearly the responsibility of the government.
An organization may be eligible for multiyear funding. You can continue applying year after year.
An applicant, whose requests have been rejected 2 consecutive times, must wait 2 years from the time of the
last rejection in order to reapply.
When to apply
Applications may be submitted with the application form several times a year: on the website
www.levilassen.org you will find the exact dates.
How to apply to the Foundation for a grant
1. Complete the Levi Lassen Application Form in English, and submit it on line.
2. Initially, your application will undergo a brief appraisal. Within a week you should receive e-mail
confirmation of receipt and a project number. Please refer to this number in all future
3. Following the initial appraisal, your application will be discussed in the board meeting.
4. After the Board’s decisions formal notifications will be sent to applicants.
5. It is important to note that throughout the process you will receive e-mail notifications, such as
confirmation of receipt of documents. These notifications should not be construed, in any way, as
confirmation of the Foundation’s intent to grant the request; the Foundation reserves the right to
reject the proposal at any stage. Only a formal letter sent by regular post, which includes details of
the amount and conditions of approval of the grant as well as appendixes to be signed, may be
considered official notification of the Foundation’s intention to enter into a commitment.
With whom to consult with before submitting your initial proposal?
 You may address questions to Hannan Serphos, our advisor in Israel: Tel: 08-9263422 /
[email protected]
 You can also address questions to the allocation office in The Netherlands (+)31 70 365 39 30
[email protected]
Tips for applying
1. Grants must be submitted in English.
2. The project you select should reflect the organization’s passion and a genuine need. Be sure to explain
why the need is acute. It is best to avoid tailoring the description of the program to suit the
Foundation’s preferences.
3. Be honest. Describe the project and the need it addresses clearly and avoid exaggeration. We are
sensitive to the limitations of organizations operating with small budgets. Each project has its risks,
weaknesses, and its challenges. We appreciate and respect applicants who openly report these.
4. In your description, please differentiate between requests for ongoing support of existing programs
and funding for a new project. Please do not attempt to ‘repackage’ an existing program as a new
project, as funding is available to support ongoing operational costs and each application is considered
in its own right. If your organization is seeking support for operative costs and funding for staff, please
say so explicitly. Administrative costs may also be included in your budget expenses; however, we do
not accept requests for exclusively administrative overhead. Administrative costs, where they exist,
should be clearly noted.
5. Be sure to complete the application form fully. If you are convinced that a question is not applicable,
mark N/A in the space provided, but please avoid leaving questions unanswered, as these may lead to
delays in your application process.
6. If your application has been rejected, do not submit the same request again or for a similar project.
We usually reject programs that do not correspond with the type of activities we prefer to advance.
Resubmitting a proposal for the same project is not a worthwhile investment of your resources.
7. The schedule and deadlines you are given by Foundation staff are fixed and not intended to serve
merely as guidelines.
8. Application forms are accepted only on line. Wherever possible, please scan other related materials
and send via e-mail as well. We seek to run a paper-free office and appreciate your help in conserving
our planet’s resources.
19. Were we helpful? Did we promise and forget to deliver? Did we neglect to send you a confirmation
that we received documentation? Please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to assist you.
Help Line:
The Foundation makes every effort to address your needs; however, should you have a comment regarding
the way in which we have operated we will be happy to receive your written comments. Please include your
grant application number in any correspondence with us. Comments should be addressed to
[email protected]
Please be advised our accountant in Israel can be asked to conduct an audit of your account of the project if
we decide to make a grant to your organization.