try has often been satisfied with a temporary relaxation of tensions

RCA Sermon Manual
try has often been satisfied with a temporary relaxation of tensions
without real lasting effects.
Recently, the President of the U.S. has emphasized human rights
of individuals and this has caused a great deal of tension and international concern. The Helsinki Treaty has been violated in regard
to justice for Soviet Jews. The Refusniks are imprisoned; the activists are punished. The great trouble recurs because when decency
is espoused and ethics demanded of all mankind, nations turn away
and confine themselves to their own narrow interests. The way to
peace must be paved by straightforwardness and compasslon, by
morals and goodness, by humaneness and love.
When the Jewish people was chosen by G-d and presented with a
way of life to tranquility, peace of mind, commun~tymutual care
and cooperation, neighborliness and responsibil~tyfor each other,
they responded In an angelic fashion-"We will do and we will
The rest of the world heard the challenge and opportunity of the
Sinaitic Revelation and it was clearly explained to them and yet
they turned their backs and were satisfied with the d~ssipationof
their fears about destruction. They, too, had the chance to join that
grand Divine experience and they lost it.
How often this drama has been repeated, especially in the Atomic
Age. Leaders of governments united for serious debate when war is
threatened and the Flood of Fire frightens even the most courageous. I write these words as Presidents Carter and Sadat are meeting with Prime Minister Menachem Begin in Camp David because
of the threat of war-a fifth war in the Middle East. The solution of
tensions in that area will not be found unless righteousness and
honesty will reign. The petrodollar should not be the determining
factor in the settlement of peace in that area. The millenia of
dreams and hopes of a restored Jewish sovereign government must
find fruition in a secure Israel, militarily and economically strong.
Jews too respond to the needs of Israel in hours of emergency and
the threat of a Flood of Fire. When Israel is attacked by armies or
terrorists the outpouring of sympathy and financial aid have been
extraordinary in those fateful moments of 1967 and 1973. But
when quiet and peace seem to come to Israel and growth and construction mark the progress of the Holy Land, there are so many
who remain unmoved.