Review WS

Evolution Test Review WS
Vocab & Concepts
Andreas Vesalius William Harvey & William
Jean Baptiste LaMarck
Evolution through use and
disuse of certain traits
(LaMarck’s concept)
Transitional species
Nicholas Steno
Carolus Linnaeus
Thomas Malthus
Charles Darwin & Alfred
Russell Wallace
Natural Selection
Descent with Modification
1. What conclusion did Darwin and Wallace make about evolution using the information discovered by their
2. Millions of years ago, giraffes had necks of different lengths as shown in the first part of each diagram. Explain how
giraffes would have developed long necks according to Lamarck’s ideas about evolution. Then, explain how giraffes
developed long necks according to Darwin’s ideas about evolution. How does variation between individuals in a
population influence an organism’s ability to survive? Provide an example in your explanation.
3. What does the phrase “survival of the fittest” mean?
4. Evolution is the unifying concept of all life and chemical sciences, meaning that without evolution the sciences “don’t
make sense”, and natural selection is the mechanism by which evolution operates. Where does evolution begin? How
does natural selection operate? Use an example in your response, like the evolution of race or the feather.
5. As we have studied, evolution does not happen all at once, but is instead a slow gradual process. When looking at the
transition between reptiles and birds, or land animals and whales, what would you expect to see? What kinds of
characteristics should you expect to find in the species that fall “inbetween” the ancestor and the modern version?
Use an example to suppoprt your response.
6. Compare and contrast analogous, homologous, and vestigial structures. Cite an example of each.
Evidence for Evolution
Description- How does this demonstrate evolution
of populations of organisms?