Students: _____________________________
Due date: ________________________
Case Name: ______________________________________
*Facts of the case (Background and initial complaint)
*Lower court verdict: What court or courts heard this case before the U.S. Supreme
Court (name each court and verdict)
*Majority decision of the Court:
- What was the decision?
- What was the vote recorded by the justices?
Dissenting opinion(s):
Describe the dissenting opinion…
Were there any concurrent opinions written by whom? If so, summarize them.
Explain how each case relates to a specific amendment, i.e. 1st, 4th, 5th etc.
*Does your case limit free speech? Uphold symbolic speech? Limit freedom of speech or
press? (1st amendment cases)
*Does your case expand the rights of the accused? Uphold due process for a minority?
(4th, 5th or 14th amendment cases)
*Does your case limit or expand the right to privacy or property? (4th, 5th amendment
Front Page News
Once you’ve researched the assigned Supreme Court case create a newspaper headline and
a front page story and a letter to the editor that contains the following:
Front Page Story
 Brief background of original jurisdiction
 Ruling including votes
 Impact on citizens’ rights (amendments impacted)
 Summary on court’s opinions
 Specific quotes from decision
Letter to Editor
* Support or criticism of court’s decision including the impact on citizen’s rights.
*Final product should reflect the format of the front page of a newspaper
Supreme Court Project Grading Rubric
1. The newspaper has a masthead, date, the names of contributors ____/5
2. Newspaper content is accurate, shows an understanding of the case, and is well
3. News articles relate “who, what, when, where, and why”____/10
4. The spelling, grammar, and punctuation of all content are accurate ___/5
5. The letter to the editor has a heading, a greeting, introduction, body, closure, and
signature. ____/5
6. The letter clearly states the student’s opinion. ____/5
7. The letter is persuasive and provides facts, reasons, and evidence supporting the
opinion. _____/10
1st Amendment Cases:
Tinker v Des Moines
Texas v Johnson
Hazelwood v Kulmeir
Morse v Fredrick
New York Times v United
Bethel v Fraser
Civil Liberties and
Natural Rights (4,5,9th)
New London v Kelo
Griswold v Connecticut
Hearts of Atlanta Motel
v U.S.
Grutter v Bollinger
Loving v Virginia
Civil Liberties and the
Justice System
New Jersey v T.L.O.
Gideon v Wainwright
Vernonia School District
v Acton
Miranda v Arizona