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Mapping Lab
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Mapping Lab Test
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A lil’ Review
Latitude: Imaginary lines that run east to
west (Lat is Flat!)
The main line of latitude is found at 0° and
is called the Equator.
Longitude: Imaginary lines that run from
the north pole to the south pole.
The main line of Longitude is found at 0°
and is called the Prime Meridian
Climate Map
In Europe and Russia
The most common
climate above
70°N latitude
Prime Meridian
The Prime Meridian (0° Longitude) runs
through London, England.
Europe or Asia
Europe and Asia are two separate continents
on the same land mass.
These two continents are divided at 60°East
Longitude by the Ural Mountains
Population Density
The European countries with the lowest
population are – Iceland, Sweden,
Finland, & Norway
Why is there
such a low
Consider the
The most common vegetation in the
Mediterranean region is Chaparral
Prime Meridian
The most common climate in Europe is
Marine West Coast.
The most common type of vegetation in
Western Europe is Deciduous Forest
Economic Activity of Europe
Look for the
color red
The most common type of economic activity
in the UK, France and Germany is Trade
& Manufacturing
Physical Features of Europe
Danube River runs through Hungary,
Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria and runs
into the Black Sea.
Physical Features Affect
Economic Activity
The Ural Mountains, located at 60° East are
a rich source of minerals.
Look at the next two slides
Physical Features of Russia
Ural Mountains are at 60° East
Economic Activity of Russia
The area of the Ural Mountains has
precious metals (gold, silver, copper),
petroleum, Uranium, coal, natural gas,
and iron.
Climate Affects Economic Activity
Look at the climate of Eastern Russia
Climate Affects Economic Activity
Look at the resources available in Siberia
Climate Affects Economic Activity
The region of Russia that is rich in minerals
but difficult to access because of climate is
called Siberia
Physical Features of Europe
The tallest mountains in Europe are found
in Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.
The are
European Countries are like Minnesota
He Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Poland
are similar to Minnesota in that they have:
• A continental Climate like Minnesota
• Flat plains like MN
• Mixed forests like MN.