Psychology Honors: Final Study Guide Fall Semester 2015 Mr. Baird

Psychology Honors: Final Study Guide
Fall Semester 2015
Mr. Baird
Concepts to know inside and out NOT JUST THE DEFINITIONS! Be able to discuss, apply, compare and
contrast, create, diagnose, use and of course understand all the material below.
1. Psychology as a Science
a. Make makes psychology a science?
b. Definition of psychology
c. How could a person argue that psychology IS NOT a science?
d. What are the 4 GOALS of behavioral psychology research?
e. Know the scientific method
i. Be able to conduct a full research experiment and perform every task of the
scientific method including creating graphs and analyzing data
2. Life-Span Development
a. What types of development did we study
b. Know Piaget’s stages (names and basic characteristics of each)
i. Conservation
ii. Object permanence
iii. Schema
iv. Assimilate
v. Accommodate
c. Erikson stage names and basic idea of each
d. Kohlberg stage names and basic idea of each
e. Teratogens
3. Consciousness
a. Definition of consciousness
b. Levels of awareness aka levels of consciousness
i. Abilities at each level
c. Circadian Rhythm definition and purpose
d. Sleep cycle stages (traits of all 5 stages)
e. Know REM sleep very well
f. Sleep needs
g. Characteristics of dreams and when we dream
h. Freudian view of dreams
4. Sensation and Perception
a. Definition of sensation
b. Definition of perception
c. How many senses do we ACTUALLY have
d. Transduction
e. Purpose of sensory receptors
f. Anatomy and physiology of the eye
i. rods and cones
ii. near and far sightedness
iii. seeing in different lighting
g. Physiology of the tongue
h. How we TASTE FOOD… not just tongue
i. Motion sickness
5. Abnormal Psychology
a. Four D’s
b. Know the different types of treatment and the positives of using them
c. Know the symptoms and characteristics, as well as the best treatment for the following
i. Schizophrenia
ii. Panic disorder
iii. Major depression
iv. Narcissism
v. Phobic
vi. Anti-social
vii. Obsessive compulsive disorder
d. Be able to write and solve a case study.