Writing your final exam

Writing your final exam
A few pointers
Early Life (100 words)
• When were you born?
• In 1804 of course…
• Decide where, family setting, education
• Your education is probably done around
Career stages
1830-1874 (300 words)
1875-1919 (300 words)
1920-1964 (300 words)
1965-2004 (300 words)
For each career stage
• What are you doing, why are you interested in?
• Who do you work with?
• Who do you connect with in the world of
• What do you think of the state of psychology
• When you move to a different interest, why?
In the future, from your
character’s perspective
• Where do you think psych is now going?
• What do you think will be your next job,
set of interests in psychology?
• Where are you situated within the field of
• (300 words)
Why am I asking you to do this?
• I want you to reflect about all that you
have learned and put it together so that you
can situate yourself within the field of
psychology, using its roots as well as its
projections forward.
• Situating yourself in this way is useful to
start thinking about your future.
Do you need extra references?
• No. The text is enough.
• If you use extra references, do use APA
style referencing and include a reference
It is important to:
• Keep the various sections of the exam
clearly distinct so I can easily know what
content is where.
• Remember that you want to demonstrate
your understanding of the subject matter
through this by being specific enough,
connecting things etc.
• Good Luck.
• I do hope you enjoy this.