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Chapter 14 Study Guide
Fully identify and define “CENSUS.” Make sure your answer includes the
definition, how often the census takes place, what document requires the census,
and why the census is required.
What was the first thing the new Texas Government had to do?
Name three major problems faced by the new Texas Government.
Which political party wanted to restrict the rights of immigrants?
What did Mexico think about the annexation of Texas?
What territory did Mexico surrender as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe
What was the Mexican Cession?
Why did the United States win the Mexican-American War?
In the late 1800’s most Mexican Americans worked in what profession?
In the 1840s and 50s, where did most immigrants come from?
What was the designation of the Kickapoos?
According to the Texas Constitution of 1845, what were the term limits for the
Why did Germans migrate to Texas in the mid 1840s?
Who was the “First Lady of Texas?”
Which political party strongly opposed the expansion of slavery?
Texas was annexed as the _______ state.
How did settlers obtain land under the Homestead Act?
What group served as scouts during the war with Mexico?
Who was known as the “protector of the rights of Mexicans and Tejanos?”
Where did the battle that started the Mexican-American War take place?
NAME: ________________________________________________ DATE: __________________________________
Identify these individuals with their importance of accomplishment(s):
John Slidell
Winfield Scott
Jose Antonio Navarro
Mirabeau Lamar
Mary Madison
James K. Polk (war time saying)
Identify these locations or topics by event or importance:
Guadalupe Hidalgo
Nueces River
New Mexico
Santa Fe
San Francisco
Rio Grande River