Ch 6-Photosynthesis

Define the following terms:
1)IN pen
3) write entire definition
2) using the glossary
4)number terms
Ch 6-Photosynthesis
1. Photosynthesis
2. Autotroph
3. Heterotroph
4. Chloroplast
5. Stroma
6. Thylakoid
7. Photosystems
8. Chlorophyll
9. Light-dependent
10. Electron transport
11. Light-independent
12. Calvin-Benson cycle
13. Carbon dioxide
Ch 6 Photosynthesis Vocabulary
1. photosynthesis-trapping of sunlight energy, followed by its conversion to chemical energy and then the
synthesis of sugar phosphates, which become converted into sucrose, cellulose, starch, and other end products.
2. autotroph-organism that makes its own organic compounds using an environmental energy source along with
carbon dioxide as its carbon source.
3. heterotroph-organism unable to make its own organic compounds.
4. chloroplast-the organelle of photosynthesis in plants and many protistans.
5. stroma-a semifluid matrix between the thylakoid membrane system and the two outer membranes of the
6. thylakoid-of chloroplasts, part of an internal membrane system folded repeatedly into a stack of disks.
7. photosystems-one of many clusters of light-trapping pigment molecules embedded in photosynthetic
8. chlorophyll-main photosynthetic pigment; absorbs violet-to-blue and red wavelengths but transmits green.
9. light-dependent reaction-the first stage of photosynthesis; sunlight energy is trapped and converted to
chemical energy of ATP, NADPH, or both, depending on the pathway.
10. electron transport systems-organized array of membrane-bound enzymes and cofactors that accept and
donate electrons in series.
11. light independent reactions-second stage of photosynthesis; ATP makes phosphate-group transfers required
to build sugar phosphates.
12. Calvin-Benson cycle-cyclic, light-independent reactions; synthesis part of photosynthesis; uses ATP and
NADPH from light-dependent reactions.
13. carbon fixation-first step of light independent reactions; enzyme action affixes carbon to RuBP or to some
other compound for entry into the Calvin-Benson Cycle.