Look at the Advantages and Disadvantage of the Athens and Spartan
Spartan Government
 The boys get to become
strong by doing sports and
gymnastics and other sports.
Athens Government
 The Athenian boys had the
chance to learn literature and
play instruments such as the
 Athens was the first city to
have a government.
 The Athenians were very
 Slaves were aloud to buy them
self’s freedom were as Spartan
slaves weren’t able to.
 The boys were taken away
from their families and trained
to become gladiators and
 All Male Spartan citizens that
where aged 20-60 where put
in the Spartan army.
 The weak and feeble newborn
infants were to die by putting
them in a chasm and the
strong and healthy ones
 The married soldiers from
ancient Sparta were forced to
live away from their families.
 Only the men in the Athens
had a say about government.
 Only the Rich women of
Athens got an education, not
the poor ones.
The government I would like to have lived under is …
Answer with 2 TEEC paragraphs
The government that I would like to live under is the Athenian government.
This choice comes from these following reasons. The ancient Athenian
government values education and the boys there had the privilege to get
and education as well as the rich women did. Athens was the first city to have
a government which was a successful government and a very safe and
pleasant environment. The servants in the Athenian government also had the
chance to sell themselves out of slavery. I would like to of had the privilege to
get an education so that you were a
I would not have liked to live in the Spartan government. I would like to live
under the Spartan government because of such reasons. The weak newborns
where left to die, the boys where taken away from their families to train to be
warriors and the married soldiers had to abandon their families. I would not
like to obey these rules because all the Spartan leaders wanted were a strong
military and no freedom for the citizen’s. The infants that are weak should be
cared for, not died by being starved and put in a chasm. The soldiers those
were married had to desert their family to be in the army and didn’t have a
say if they wanted to fight or not. The way that the Spartan government treat
people is revolting that is why I wouldn’t want to live in ancient Sparta.

Look at the Advantages and Disadvantage of the Athens