Ben M. Dunn, PhD.
Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Director, UF-HHMI Science for Life Program
Director, IDS Program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Why Early and Continuous
Undergraduate Research?
Your best direct connection to faculty
Enhances academic performance and facilitates a
broader scope of understanding in your chosen
Prepares participants for advanced study (graduate or
professional school)
Helps secure prestigious awards and scholarships
Our Mission
“To strengthen and transform
undergraduate research and
interdisciplinary laboratory education
in the life sciences” at the University
of Florida and our partner institutions.
“Accessibility to Research in the Life
Sciences in UF Faculty Laboratories”
HHMI stands for:
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Most prestigious and largest private
foundation supporting research in
biomedical science
Provides funding for science education,
which is what the Science for Life program is
Who was Howard Hughes?
Ginger Rogers with HH
Jane Russell
Rita Hayworth
The UF-HHMI Science for Life
Intramural Undergraduate Research Award
Extramural Undergraduate Research Award
$$$ award for entering research program starting in Summer
Opportunity to achieve co-publication on a paper in the
primary literature
Greatly enhanced letters of recommendations
$$$ award stipend for three months of summer research
Opportunity to get significant off-campus research experiences
at dozens of locations around the world
Undergraduate Publication and Travel Award
$$$ award for successful publications in scientific journals
$$$ for presentations at national meetings and conferences
The Website
This is the home page
for the program
It contains all you
need to know
Find information on
Find your mentor
Apply for research
Participate in class
Progress Through the Program
If you are a freshman, you should
take this course your first semester
and identify a mentor
Next, join the lab and learn about
projects while training in the
techniques that lab uses
Discuss a project with your mentor
and apply in spring semester
Start research in summer 2014
Progress Through the Program
At the end of the summer, you prepare a
report on your progress to submit to the
Science for Life Office
Continue research through the following
academic year
Prepare a poster on your project to
present at the Creativity in the Arts and
Sciences Event in January 2015
Progress Through the Program
After completing one full year of research, you would be eligible
to apply for an extramural research opportunity – Europe, South
America, Asia, or anywhere in the USA
Write a paper to submit for publication or contribute to a
manuscript written by a lab member, such as graduate student or
Progress Through the Program
In the second or third year of the
program, you would be eligible to
apply to the University Scholars
Program for additional support for
research at UF
Complete your research and apply
to graduate or professional school
with a GREAT letter of
UF-HHMI Undergraduate
Cross-Disciplinary Laboratory
Cross-Disciplinary Laboratory (X-LAB)
IDH2931: X-LAB 1 & 2
2-semester laboratory course integrating chemistry, physics,
and biology themes
Equivalent to:
BSC2010L, BSC2011L
CHM2045L, CHM2046L
PHY2053L, PHY2054L
To register email Dr. Gabriela Waschewsky:
[email protected]
Join the Gators for
Undergraduate Research Club
A great way to meet others already involved in research
Receive tips on how to join a research lab
Find out more information on stipends and scholarships
for undergraduate research
Not every student wants a
research opportunity
That’s okay, you can still take this course!
Learn about the great research going on at
Learn to appreciate the work scientists do
When you are a citizen voting in elections,
support universities and scientists working
in them by voting for candidates and issues
that will help them do their job

SFL program powerpoint presentation. - HHMI