Rachel’s challenge
By Andrea Ellis
Chain links
• Please join our chain links club because Rachel would
have wanted you to join her chain reaction so please join
for Rachel. Make your own diary like Rachel did, trace
your hand behind your dresser like Rachel and when you
see someone sitting alone and invite them to your table.
Imagine if you were one of Rachel's family you would be
so heart broken. I know I would be. Just remember the
columbine video of the shooting it was all so sad so
please don’t forget about Rachel and also think about
your family who died I bet it is so hard for you I know
when my uncle mike died it was devastating and I also
think about it so please do a chain reaction.
All the things Rachel's did
• One thing Rachel did
was she had a feeling she
was going to die
• Another thing she did
was trace her hand
behind her dresser
• Another thing is she
changed peoples lives
Rachel influents 150
Chain reaction
Try to make a difference in your life
To make other people feel like they belong
Try your own chain reaction
Live life like it is your last day alive
Treat other people how you wanted to be
treated and treat people right
• Live your life like you want to play with your
friends and love you friends and family
• Follow this paper it will
lead you to good things
so follow PLEASE