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MATH 1020
Unit #5 Group Project
By Cassandra Arnason
Patient information:
Name: Gomez Adams Gender: Male Age: 37 Weight: 185 Height: 6ft 2in
Because one of the drugs the patient needs uses the metric system, you need to convert the patient’s weight to
the metric system. Find the patient’s weight in kilograms. Be sure to show the steps. Your result should be
rounded two decimal places.
185lbs x 1kg = 185 = 84.09090909
2.2kg 2.2
Prescription 1:
The Doctor prescribed 1 tablet Antibiotic XYZ tid for this patient.
3. What does tid mean?
Answer: Three times a day
The following was an excerpt from literature:
Each tablet contains 3,000 mcg of antibiotic
The total daily dose for adults should not
exceed 0.5 mg/kg/day
What is the maximum amount of Antibiotic XYZ in micrograms can this patient take per day?
Steps: 84.09kg x 0.5mg = 42.045mg x 1,000mcg = 42,045 mcg
Answer: 42,045 mcg
Does the doctor’s prescription exceed the maximum amount according to the literature
Steps: 3 tabs x 3,000 mcg = 9,000 mcg < 42,045 mcg
1 tab
Answer: 9,000 mcg daily; No, doctor’s prescription does not exceed the maximum daily amount.
6. How much drug will you actually administer to this patient?
Answer: 9,000 mcg per day, 3 tabs at 3,000 mcg tid.
Prescription 2:
Your patient has Neoplastic disease. The doctor prescribed Methotrexate1 5 mg/m2/day.
Weight in kg x Height in cm m2
7. Find the body surface area of your patient. Your result should be rounded two decimal places.
Steps: 6ft x 12in = 74in x 2.54cm = 187.96cm x 84.09kg ÷ 3600 = 4.39 =
= 2.1m2
Answer: 2.1m2
The drug label states that each methotrexate1 tablet contains 2.5 mg. The tablets are not scored.
8. How many tablets do you administer to the patient per day?
Steps: 2.1m2 x 5mg = 10.5mg x 1tab = 4.2 tablets
Answer: 4 tablets
9. Reflection paper: What do you love/hate about group projects?
In this group project I worked with 2 other students, Katie Mahony and Brianna Hale. They
were really fun to work with. We basically all decided to find our answers individually and then
afterward compare them. I loved doing this project because we worked on it separately, and then
afterward we shared, so it’s like grading each other’s papers before we get a final grade. This way
we’re 3 times more likely to get a good grade on our project, meaning we could catch each
other’s mistakes. I wouldn’t say I hate group projects, although I do prefer working by myself, but
with this project it worked out great. We still kind of worked individually and as a group all at the
same time. It was a fun project.