The Odyssey Part 3 and 4 Study Guide

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The Odyssey Part 3
Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
1. List two examples of foreshadowing that the suitors will be punished in the first 85 lines
of “Beggar at the Manor.”
2. Why does Penelope summon Odysseus?
3. What is ironic about her interview with him?
4. What does his restraint say about his character?
5. What is the “test of the bow”?
6. How does Odysseus establish Antinous as Odysseus’ principal antagonist against the
The Odyssey Part 4
1. Describe the death of Antinous.
2. What evidence do the nurse and Telemachus provide to convince Penelope that the
stranger is Odysseus?
3. In the end, what convinces Penelope that her husband has returned?
4. How does Telemachus prove he can think and act like his father?
5. Explain why Penelope’s test of Odysseus’s identity brings him “to the breaking point.”
Of all his challenges why might this be the toughest?
6. What was the climax of this story
7. What is the overall theme of “The Odyssey”?