The Odyssey – Part 2

Literature & Composition
October 14, 2015
The Odyssey Part 2 - Classwork
9th Literature & Composition
October 14, 2015
Independent Reading Day!
The Odyssey – Part 2
The Return of Odysseus
In Part I of the Odyssey Odysseus and his companions
face many perils on their voyage from Troy to Ithaca.
At some moments, they are tempted to forsake their
voyage; at others, their lives are endangered by
powerful enemies, Ultimately, Odysseus’ men bring
about their own destruction at the hand of Zeus
when they kill the cattle belonging to Helios.
As Part 2 begins, Odysseus is alone when he reaches
Ithaca after a twenty-year absence. What do you
predict will happen when Odysseus arrives home?
The Return of Odysseus
The Suitors
The Challenge
Odysseus’ Revenge
Penelope’s Test
Complete the following tasks for each reading:
 Annotate text as you read.
 Answer questions in margin as you read.
 Write a summary that includes all of the main
ideas for each reading.
 Analyze Odysseus’s character using evidence and
examples from the text.
 Create a story board for each of the events that
take place in part 2 of The Odyssey.