The Odyssey Part IV Review Questions Answers

The Odyssey, Review Questions Part IV
1. Describe the death of Antinous.
The arrow hit him under the chin and the feathers punched up through his throat
2. How does Eurymachus attempt to avert bloodshed? How does Odysseus respond?
Blame it all on Atinuous and make restitution for all the food and wine they consumed.
3. What role does Telemachus play in the fight against the suitors?
He helps arm his father and bring in reinforcements.
4. What evidence do the nurse and Telemachus provide to convince Penelope that the strange is
Odysseus? How does she respond?
A scar that distinguishes him. Skeptical. The immortals may be fooling her.
5. In the end, what convinces Penelope her husband has returned?
The secret they share about the olive tree and what’s in it.
6. In your opinion, why does Odysseus choose Antinous as his first victim? Why do the suitors react
to Antinous’ death as they do?
7. Review Eurymachus’s speech on page 871, lines 48-62. Why might he have thought these words
could persuade Odysseus to choose another course of action? Why does Odysseus refuse to give
By blaming someone else as a “bully”, he hoped to elicit sympathy from Odysseus. Because
they are grown men responsible for their own actions and decisions.
8. How does Telemachus prove that he can think and act like his father?
Bringing in reinforcements during the heat of battle, coming up with a plan, and joining in the
9. Penelope faces this dilemma after the suitors are killed: “Had she better keep her distance/and
question him, her husband? Should she run/up to him, take his hands, kiss him now?” What are
her choices? Why might she be unclear about what to do?
To believe this “young” man is her husband after he’s been absent for 20 years, or to not
believe that it is him. It is hard to believe and that he would look so young.
10. Explain why Penelope’s test of Odysseus’ identity brings him “to the breaking point.” Of all his
challenges, why might this be the toughest?
Reaching Penelope was his goal. To have her doubt him was more than he could handle since
she is his life.