Section 2

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Topic: Chapter 4 Federalism; section 2
Questions/Main Ideas:
Enabling Act
The National Government and the 50 States
The Nation’s Obligations to the States
Act of Admission
Republican form of government
Grants-in-aid program
Invasion and Internal Disorder
Revenue Sharing
Respect for Territorial Integrity
Categorical Grant
Admitting New States
Block Grant
Admission Procedure
Project Grant
Conditions for Admission
Cooperative Federalism
Federal Grants-in-Aid
Revenue Sharing
Questions/Main Ideas:
Types of Federal Grants
Other Forms of Federal Aid
State Aid to the National Government
Face the Issues: Public Lands
1] Identify three major goals that you think should guide the
management of the nation’s public lands
2] Why do you think federal officials often weigh environmental
and economic costs differently than local officials do?
Summary, Reflection, Analysis