What do you remember about the Cell?

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Mr. Vorstadt
_____1. Which of these things do both plant and animal cells have?
A. Cell wall
B. Chloroplasts
C. Cytoplasm
D. Vacuole
_____2. Which part of the cell controls the activities inside the cell?
A. Cytoplasm
B. Nucleus
C. Cell membrane
D. Cell wall
_____3. Which part of a plant cell contains chlorophyll?
A. The nucleus
B. The cell membrane
C. The cytoplasm
D. The chloroplasts
_____4. What is the function of the cell membrane?
A. To control which substances move in and out of the cell
B. To help the cell to keep a firm shape
C. To make food for the cell
D. All of the above
_____5. Which theory states that all living organisms are made of cells, that
all cells come from pre-existing cells, and that cells are the smallest
living unit of life?
A. Cell Theory
B. Gravitational Theory
C. Atomic Theory
D. Evolutionary Theory
_____6. A plant cell and an animal cell are shown below. Which conclusion can
be made from these diagrams?
A. Plant and animal cells interact to make new organisms.
B. Plant and animal cells are similar in the way they grow and
C. Animal cells require oxygen to release the energy stored in food
while plant cells do not.
D. Nerve cells are present in plant and animal cells.
_____7. In which process is oxygen used to release the energy stored in food?
A. photosynthesis
B. digestion
C. respiration
D. reproduction
_____8. What is the outermost structure in a plant cell?
A. cell membrane
B. cytoplasm
C. cell wall
D. chloroplast
_____9. Which of the following are the basic units of life?
A. The Atom
B. The Cell
C. Water
D. The Sun
Base your answers to questions below on the diagram of a cell below and on
your knowledge of science. Some of the cell structures are labeled.
Which two structures are found in plant cells, but not in animal cells?
(1) ______________________________________
(2) ______________________________________
Which cell part directs the activities of the cell? __________________________
Select three of the structures labeled in the diagram key. List these structures
in the table below. For each structure selected, state its function in the cell