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The Bi-Monthly Newsletter of First United Methodist
Church Fox Hill
November/December 2014
“End, or Beginning?”
The “church year” is not something I knew about growing up. Even in my home church, First
United Methodist Salem, I don’t remember learning about Lent or Advent until I was nearly
finished with high school. It wasn’t until I was seminary that I learned one of the most
interesting things – when the rest of the world is finishing out the year in December, the
church year is actually just beginning. The church year begins in Advent, four Sundays
before Christmas, and runs through Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and ends, typically,
on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. So, when the rest of the world is ending the year, the
church year is just beginning.
The more I think about it, the more this makes sense. After all, when the world thought
it had heard the last of Jesus, when he was crucified and buried, his story was just
beginning. And so it is for us – our faith isn’t through with us when we breathe our last. As a
matter of fact, we’re just getting started! We still have grief and pain when we pass on or
lose someone we love, but our lives don’t end there – we always have room for hope.
As you consider your own life, you probably have a number of places where grief
has touched you. Even if you haven’t lost a loved one to death, you probably have lost
significant relationships in your life. Whether the relationship ended due to death, to a
move, to a betrayal, to divorce, to misunderstandings, or to other circumstances beyond
control, you and I have experienced grief. Thus, I invite you to take some time to ponder
this question: Are you facing an ending today, or could what seems to be an ending
become a new beginning? Perhaps those relationships are beyond healing, and perhaps
you are better off now, but what about the most important relationships in your life? What
about your relationship with yourself, your family, and your God? Could this be a season of
a new beginning?
Even if you do not need a new beginning right now, you undoubtedly have friends,
family, or neighbors who need a new start, a new hope, and perhaps a new life as well. I
invite you, your family, and your friends to join us for a new church year, in the hope that it
may become a new beginning for all of us. As I was leading a wedding service recently, it
occurred to me that the important thing we all bring to any relationship is not any measure
of perfection we may possess, but every measure of forgiveness we can offer in the name
of Jesus. This is why every week, we say these words together: “In the name of Jesus Christ,
you are forgiven! Glory to God! Amen.” May the words we speak become the reality in
which we live!
Your fellow servant in Christ Jesus,
Your fellow servant in Christ Jesus
Worship Notes
With the end of the church year around Thanksgiving and the start of Advent on November 30, several
special worship experiences will greet you:
Sunday, November 2
Tuesday, November 25,
Sunday, November 30
Sunday, December 14
Wednesday, December 24
All Saints’ Sunday (also the end of Daylight Savings Time)
7pm Community Thanksgiving Service at Community Presbyterian Church
1st Sunday of Advent
Music Sunday
4pm Carols, Candles, and Communion
11pm Carols, Candles, and Communion
We are excited as well, that Rainbow Puppets will be involved in some capacity at the 4pm Christmas Eve
service (and possibly at 11pm as well).
New Year Ministries
With 2015 just around the corner, some new ministries are also just around the corner. If
you’d like to get involved with either, please contact Pastor Brian or wait for announcements in
the weekly bulletin to let you know how to become involved. Both ministries are still in the
planning phase, so if you have interest, now is the time to jump on board!
Single parent ministries: if you’d like to support, lead, or be involved with single parent ministries
(13 week course), we’re making plans now to launch a study/support group in the spring.
Financial ministry: We’re also looking at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (9 week
course) as an outreach ministry. As a bonus, we’ll probably also be able to have a weekend
crash course for youth.
In addition, the Nominations Committee will be meeting in November to plan a “rally day”
for all committee chairs and members early in the year to help kick off and build excitement for
our ministries in 2015. Rev. Frances Craig is on tap to get us warmed up for the New Year.
Welcome Delia Davis!
On behalf of the Staff-Parish committee, we’d like to welcome Delia Davis as our new
Administrative Assistant. We had over 105 applicants for the position, and after going through a
rigorous process to select the most qualified person, we are delighted that Delia will be on board
with us. She comes to us with a wealth of experience in two other churches and from the business
world. If you haven’t come by to see her, please drop in, call, or send an email to welcome her
on board!
Extra notes from Pastor Brian
I know many of you are away from church on some Sundays through the year for family or other
commitments, and you are faithful to let me know what is happening in your lives, which is
appreciated, so I wanted to return the favor:
My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at my home church in Salem the
Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I will be staying with them to celebrate their achievement that
weekend. I am in the process of lining up our very capable lay servants to lead worship that
Sunday. As well, I’d like to thank everyone for their support on my way to earning a Doctorate in
Ministry. I will be receiving the diploma the weekend of December 6, so if you don’t see me in
worship that Sunday, don’t be alarmed! I’m just on my way back from Kentucky, a ten hour drive
if all goes well. Pastor Tommy will be leading worship on that Sunday.
Invite a Friend Calendar: “1+1”
One of the results of our work with Jim Griffith’s plan to reach new people is our “invite
a friend calendar.” The idea is that, at least once a month, there will be a small, fairly informal
place for us to bring friends and neighbors to meet other church members. The purpose of
the meetings is to get to know each other and make friends. Each event is a stand-alone
event, so if you miss one, you can come to the next one. At the end of each event, the goal
is to continue the friendship by having another time to come together. Please note – our
Open Door Concerts and Thursday Night Life (among other events) are also good times to
invite a friend. The 1+1 means this – our goal is to invite one friend, and one church member,
to these events. Here’s the schedule for the early fall:
Photography Class – just in time for family portraits!
November 9, 2pm, outside the church weather permitting
Contact: Nick Hopkins
Special Worship Notes
In addition to the sermon series, there
are several special Sundays coming up this fall.
All Saints and Laity Sunday – November 2 – we
will honor those who have gone to the church
Eternal, and we will thank all the people whose
volunteer efforts make us stronger
Veteran’s Sunday – November 9 – we thank
those who have served our nation faithfully.
Please invite your neighbors and friends who
have (and may still) served to be recognized
for their service!
5th Sunday – November 30 – we will have a
combined service at 10:30, Sunday School at
9:15. Since this is the Sunday that follows
Thanksgiving, we will not have a meal. Instead,
we will invite food donations for HELP. More
details to follow.
Autumn Again
"Few roses remain in my garden...I wake to the chill of the morning air".
My Mother penned these words of prose some years ago before she moved to Heaven in
2006. I you were to ask me what my favorite time of year is, this is it! So much is occurring at a
rapid pace around us in this world- I have to remind myself to just stop and admire the
beauty that God has given us in the changing of the seasons. Nature indeed has a rhythm
and music all its own. "Earth's crammed with Heaven, and every common bush afire with the
glory of God- only he who sees removes his shoes".
Our New Creation Kidz have been exploring the concept of change- not only in the differing
seasons, but how music itself is in a constant state of change. In recent weeks, they have
been introduced to our Sanctuary Grand Piano and Organ, learning of differing tone colors
and how change is made in the technique of playing the instruments. Our Youth Choir,
Firefall, having been learning contemporary worship songs and the approach to God in
worship through glimpses of the Tabernacle of Moses. The Wesley Bell Choir members
continue to learn new arrangements of familiar hymns. Our Praise Team continues to sing
monthly and recently welcomed Jennifer and Mike Williams as new vocalists. At this writing,
we also continue to pray for a new Choir accompanist.
In preparation for Music Sunday December 14, our Chancel Choir is rehearsing works of John
Rutter and Christmas carol arrangements of Sir David Willcocks, to bring an English flavor to
our Christmas program. You won't want to miss Music Sunday!
As the holidays approach and we admire the beauty of Nature around us, let us thank God
for Family and Friends, and for bringing us seasons of change as we continue to grow in His
grace. "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift".
In Christ Jesus,
Financial Fundamentals This periodic report briefly addresses finances at FUMC Fox Hill. The latest
weekly and year-to-date information is printed in the Weekly Anchor available at every service or in the
church office.
As I write this, the pumpkins are in the patch and we are entering the final quarter of the year. Our
total giving is down somewhat from previous years, but so is our planned spending. As a result, our
financial picture is somewhat better. We are continuing to keep current on our operational bills and
mortgage, but have not fully met our obligations to the Virginia Annual Conference, some of our desired
mission payments, and we have not set-aside funds planned for expected future major maintenance. This
is a great time for you to look toward year-end giving and help us make up that deficit. At this time, our
outstanding obligations are $13,700 to others and $6,650 to ourselves. We should be able to make up
the $20,000, but it requires action on the part of everyone who is able.
Regarding the mortgage, as of the end of September our outstanding balance is $666,389. During the
first nine months of 2014, we have reduced our principal by almost $59,000 -- $51,000 through normal
payments, $3.700 through additional gifts, and $4,160 in memorial gifts.
The 2015 budget or “spending plan” was just approved by your church council and by the time you read
this the Charge Conference will have also voted on approval. This new year’s budget calls for possible
spending of $667,785 and represents a 1.57% reduction from the current year. As always, it will take
continued commitment from all of us to help fund God’s work through First Fox Hill.
“This statement…is not a bill.” Those words are included in the note at the bottom of the periodic
giving statement we send to everyone who has pledged and/or contributed funds to FUMC Fox Hill.
Unfortunately, sometimes the statement is overlooked and folks think we are sending them a bill for
their association with the church. While some churches or denominations may do that, we do not. Your
pledge and/or actual contributions are between
Total One Fund – Through September 2014
We record contributions for
Income For Planned Expenses1
$425,554 you and God.
$508,881 accounting and tax purposes. Giving statements
Total One Fund Expenses
(excludes pass through )
$432,239 are sent three or four times a year to provide
Pass Through Income2
$14,853 updates for those who are interested and to
Pass Through Expense
$19,462 ensure we have accurately recorded each givers
“Pay-It-Forward” Contributions
$3,903 actions. If there happen to be any differences, it
Includes regular and memorial contributions, building use
is much easier to make corrections before
income, interest, etc.
yearend. Remember, while we encourage giving, we
This item represents funds contributed, but passed through
do not send anyone a bill for your church
to non-budget items, e.g., flowers, Advocate subscriptions,
special mission programs, etc.
We are blessed with God’s gifts; let us return a portion to the giver of all good things.
If you have any concerns or questions about FUMC FH finances, please contact our financial staff
through the church office or Bill Bryan, Finance Chair, at 851-0748 or by e-mail to
Fifty Plus
We held our open planning meeting on August 7 and put together a preliminary schedule for the 2014 –
15 season of Fifty Plus outings. While many of these items have not yet been solidified, some are set to go
and we are taking reservations. Please make your paid reservations promptly.
On Sunday afternoon, Nov 16, we have the opportunity to enjoy The Wiz, a
musical version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz presented by the students of
Thomas Nelson Community College Performing Arts department. Most of us
know the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but in this new musical version
it's a fantasy for today - mysterious, opulent and fanciful - a dream conjured
up by a space-age child with Dorothy's adventures in the Land of Oz. Winner
of 7 Tony awards, this beloved Broadway musical sets Dorothy's adventures in
the Land of Oz to music in a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel, and soul.
After the performance we will stop for dinner. Price is just $12 plus your meal.
Enjoy a great afternoon of gospel and country oriented Christmas music at The Grey Goose on Sunday
afternoon, Dec 7th. You will have your choice of three entrees as part of your three-course meal followed
by some great music to usher in the Christmas season. Cost for this afternoon’s outing is $32 for everything
except your tip.
We’ll begin in the New Year with our annual “planning breakfast” at Golden Corral, on Saturday morning,
January 10. Don’t miss this great time of fellowship and too much to eat.
On the evening of February 14 we will travel all the way to Phoebus UMC for their annual Valentine’s Day
dinner and entertainment. This evening is a wonderful opportunity for all to enjoy a great church
prepared dinner and homespun entertainment while supporting one of our sister churches. Cost for the
evening is $30. Watch The Sail in the weekly Sunday bulletin for more details.
Our 4-day, 3-night, spring trip this year takes us to mountain country in and around Elkins, WV, Wednesday
– Saturday, May 27 – 30. Along the way we will also enjoy some fascinating attractions. Don’t miss this
terrific trip which includes Weston and Beverly, WV as well as Fredericksburg and Monticello, VA. We’ll do
historical and medical sites from the Civil War era, take an incredible train ride, see wonderful theatrical
performances, and enjoy delicious meals. Complete information and signup forms are in the rack off the
Narthex. We are now taking reservations with deposits. Remember, as previously on our long trips, bus
seating is based on your signup date.
We will continue to put pictures from our previous outings on the table in front of the Fifty Plus bulletin
board. Help yourself to any pictures you would like. We will replace the pictures every couple weeks or
For reservations and/or questions for any Fifty Plus outing, contact Anne or Bill Bryan at 851-0748 or by
e-mail to
e 220011
Starting November 16th, Bible 201 will be starting our in-depth discussion of Joshua,
Judges, and Ruth. This is a class for all ages; our youngest started at 15 and our oldest
served in WWII. It is an interactive class with a facilitator and everyone participating.
Even Pastor Tommy learns new things in our class. If you have a desire to learn more
about the bible and what it means in today's world, please join us during Sunday
school in the Bible 201 classroom.
The Lose it for Life class that has been meeting during the Thursday Night Life series will
continue to meet on Thursdays until December 18th so we can finish the workbook together.
We are going to move the class time to 6:30-7:30 pm and will still met in the Faith Link class. If
you would like to join the class, we still have a few workbooks left. Please contact Tom Hite if
you have any questions at or 851-0956.
Many Thanks,
It is time to begin to make homeless kits. They will arrive in February. There will
be a basket in the social hall
Items for the Kits:
Shampoo (travel size)
Chap Stick
Manicure items
Tooth paste (travel size)
Tooth brush
Your support of our homeless is one of the ways we honor our Lord.
If you have any questions, please contact Peg Hopewell @ 851-5649.
Nursery Guidelines:
The Nursery Guidelines have been updated to ensure the safety (both
health & physical) of our little ones & approved by Church Council
Copies are available by the nursery door
Please note: 1) The nursery is to be locked at all times; to schedule
use of the nursery please contact the church office
2) A parent or legal guardian must drop off, sign-in & pick up their
Mary and I would like to Thank everyone for the prayers, cards, calls
and visits during my recent visit to the Hospital and Rehab Center. It is
wonderful to have a caring Church Family.
God Bless each of you
Howard Hogge, Jr.
Thank you so much for the cards, calls, visits, flowers, food
and most of all, your prayers during my recovery. I am so
blessed to be part of such a caring church family.
Love in Christ,
Peggy Porter
District Conference and Vital Congregations Training
Saturday, November 8 (9-12:30)
St. Luke's UMC
District training focusing on helping churches in the five areas that vital congregations
excel in.
9-10 District Conference
10-10:30 Exhibit hall open (Heart Havens, Missions, VAUMC, hopefully Cokesbury)
10:30-12:30 Workshops related to the five areas of Vital Congregations: Stewardship,
Discipleship, Evangelism, Worship, and Mission
District Leadership Training
Saturday, February 7, 2015 (9-12)
Chestnut Memorial UMC
District training focusing on helping those filling specific leadership positions in their local
congregations. Training areas include: finance/treasurers, trustees, council chairs, local
lay leaders, and nominations/lay leadership development.
Youth News
The annual high school retreat to Eagle Eyrie will take place the weekend of December
5-7. Be on the look-out for more details.
This year Eagle Eyrie will be the weekend of 12/5-12/7. The high school retreat will cost
$100.00. The money and the permissions slips will be due Nov. 16th. The permission slips
are on the Facebook page and will be on the youth board. There is a nice dinner for
seniors at the retreat. If you are a senior and wish to participate, please remember to
bring nice clothes. A packing list email will go out when we get closer to the retreat.
Please contact Josh McNutt if you need financial assistance or have any questions or
Save the Date: On December 14th the children will be taking the church bus to go see
Christmas Lights.
The UMW Christmas Dinner Theater for ALL WOMEN of the Church and invited female guests
will be Monday, December 1 in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 PM. Cost is $15.00 with the proceeds
donated to the Youth Programs of the Church. Tickets will be sold at the Circle Meetings and
on November 9, 16 and 23rd in the Church Narthex. A donation will be collected for Care Net,
a Christian pro-life organization that provides support and solutions to pregnant women. The
Youth Group will host the dinner and provide entertainment.
Circle Meetings
Wesley Circle will meet November 11th and December 9th at 10:00 am
Wednesday Morning Circle will meet November 12th at 10:00 am at the
home of Amy Johnson on 47 Beach Rd. Hampton, VA.
Thursday Evening Circle will meet November 13th and December 11th at
7:00 PM in the Tri-X Room.
The UMW Executive Board will be meeting on Tuesday, November 25th, and
Tuesday, December 23rd at 7:00 PM in the Edith Spencer Room.
Fox Hill Friends
We plan to continue to work with Cary Elementary students this year. We work with
children who have been identified as needing additional help with academics or selfesteem. All that is needed to volunteer is a love for children and an hour or more a week
to help a child or children. You will be able to choose the day and time that is best for you
and say which grade level you prefer. We are assigned a child or a small group of
children and work with them in the classroom under the guidance of the teacher. It can
be very rewarding to see “your” student(s) grow in both knowledge and self-assurance.
The teachers are very understanding if we are unable to be there every week and are
very appreciative for any help we can provide. One of our volunteers last year was Bruce
Guthrie who spent many hours with the children and was nominated for an award for his
work with them. So many of the children do not have fathers in their homes so it was
great for them to have a male role model. Please contact me if you are willing to
participate in this worthwhile program at or 850-4013. Thanks.
I would also like to thank each of you for all of the school supplies you have provided. The
generosity of the Shepherds Outreach Choir was amazing! When I delivered the first load,
two of the teachers were there and helped me unload them. They were so pleased to
see what our church has done for them. They said we would be surprised to know how
many children come to school with no supplies.
Betty Knaub, coordinator
Nov 1
*Tom & Lisa Hite
*Don & Bonnie Hulton
Nov 2
*Nelson & Frances Seely
*Jason & Claudia Seely
Traci Cotich
Nov 3
Kathy Fisher
Bob Sturk
Nov 4
Jayson Geib
Nov 5
Joy Fly
Doris Steele
Nov 6
*Pat & Sue Brooker
David Rogers
Nov 7
*Jeff & Michelle Winston
Carolyn Bradley
Brian Thomas Eubank, Jr.
Mike Monteith
Nov 8
Jeslyn Hughes
Nov 11
Bill Bryan
Cory Hodges
Quellyn Hollingsworth
Nick Hopkins
Jim Bly
Nov 12
Nancy Allen
Nov 23
Matthew May
Nov 13
Danny Hodges
Conway Rogers, Jr.
Nov 24
*Ralph & Marcia Quinn
*John & Susan Clark
Dan Brookman
Reina Cole
Leah Graybeal
Betsy Hulick Pinder
Mike May
Rachael Tiller Melanson
Nov 14
*Fred & Kay Foster
Troy Monteith, II
Paul Soulé
Nov 15
Kari Ammons
Nov 16
*Mike & Gail Gulla
Brad Fleenor
Wesley Rogers
Nov 17
Jane Barbour
Erlinda Bravo
Ellie Hopkins
Nov 18
*Roland & Bev Stanworth
Shelby Sours
Nov 19
*Allison & Jared Peretin
*Paul & Adrienne Soulé
Susan Clark
Nov 9
Cindy Johnson
Jack Soulé
Nov 20
Jenny Howell
Nov 10
Nov 21
Caleigh Bauer
Nov 22
Beth Brooker
Cindy Wygans
Nov 25
Jesse Barbour
Nov 26
Dave Hopewell
Tommy Markham
Amy Shuart
Nov 27
April Bauer
Pat Parker
Bill Snider
Nov 28
Becky Whelan
Nov 29
*Ralph & Betty Knaub
Nancy Spain
Nov 30
Brandi Winston
DEC 14
*Chuck & Roxanne Farmer
Bonnie Harper
Kevin Malinowski
Mary Gore
Debra Kravitz
Rose Peretin
*Rick & Karen Nolin
Taylor Winston
Phillip Wygans
*Woody & Joyce Wilson
Brian Allen
Austin Ellison
Colin Lee
A.G. Womble
DEC 10
DEC 11
Anne Bryan
Debbie Osborne
DEC 12
Samantha Johnstone
Ben Salamanca
Sophia Tricarico
DEC 13
James Jones
DEC 15
DEC 16
Marilyn Eubank
DEC 17
Gail Gulla
Sally Lewis
DEC 18
*Bob & Glenda Helms
*Ray & Joan Spunzo
Chuck McNeil
Mary Parker
Sarah Sudduth
Scott Williams
Winnie Young
DEC 19
William Hoyt
DEC 26
*Clifton & Margaret Heath
DEC 27
Kris Wayman
DEC 28
Joan Spunzo
DEC 29
*Phillip & Cindy Wygans
Gary Greer
Kellie Hoyt
Tracy Phillips Kocher
DEC 30
*Brian & Julia Allen
DEC 31
*Howard & Mary Hogge
Austin Welch
DEC 20
*Chris & Crystal Carpenter
*Charles & Holly Blackmon
*Bill & Jayne Satterfield
*William & Christine Woods
Benjamin Kessler
Nanette Phillips
Ruth B. Morris
Sara McNeil
DEC 21
Vicki Carper
A’nna Irby
Joyce Winston
DEC 22
Zaq Selassie
DEC 23
Carol Dely Oswald
Jean Kinard
DEC 24
Tyler Brown
Becky Felix
DEC 25
Olivia Bergquist
8:30 / 11:00
8:30 / 11:00
Greeters – Joann Smith & Jane Barbour
Joann Miller
Joann Smith
Ushers – Dave Sharp
Jim Roberson / Dick Haight
Joyce Winston / Ralph Knaub
Jeff Johnson / Dallas Jenkins
Rick Nolan / Kathy Fisher
Fred Foster / Sara Meacham
Calvin Leary / Tom Ardern
Dan Brookman / Cecil Hatchett
Jean Pickin / David Rogers
Bill Drummond / Joe Corbett
Mike May / *
Liturgists – Dan Brookman & Sandy Williams
Phil Stout / Oakley Roach
Jim Bly / Sandy Williams
Acolytes – Marcie Calhoun
11/2 Cat Sixbey / Daniel Bunting
11/9 Astanzi Struhs / Ellie Hopkins
11/15 Corbin Struhs / Marcie Calhoun
11/23 Charley Winston /Usher
11/30 Beth Davis/Ellie Hopkins
Night Watchmen – Dave Rogers
11/2 Ed Fly
11/9 Ronnie Steele
11/16 Ray Ammons
11/23 Bill Drummond
11/30 Bob Smith
Elizabeth Apperson / Marcie Calhoun
Charley Winston / Daniel Bunting
Caedmon Sixbey / Marcie Calhoun
Marcie Calhoun/Luna Lauffer
John Maninga
Dave Rogers
Dallas Jenkins
Dave Sharp
Jack Clough
First United Methodist
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Sundays – 8:30 & 11:00 AM
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Brian Sixbey – Pastor
Tommy Markham – Assistant Pastor
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