Mrs. Remmenga’s English 9
Goals and Objectives
We will develop as readers, writers, speakers, and listeners.
We will work to comprehend, interpret, and analyze text.
We will work to communicate our ideas better in writing.
We will strive to think more critically and creatively.
We will learn how to better use standard English conventions in
 We will take opportunities to convey our thinking orally and to
receive ideas through listening.
Critical Success Factors
1. Have high expectations for yourself, your learning, your teacher, and
your peers.
2. Be prepared to think, discuss, participate, work, and take risks inside
and outside of the classroom.
3. Accept that some things will be a challenge. Only when situations are
challenging, though, do you have an opportunity to learn, to grow, to
4. Make use of your resources: your peers, your teacher, your family,
online resources, study aids, etc.
5. Be your own advocate. Ask questions. Request clarification. Get updates
on your progress.
6. Find/follow a systems of organization that works for you.
7. Establish a plan. Manage time wisely.
Major Components of Your Class
1. Vocabulary Building. Every other week we will focus on 10 new words
from your Vocabulary Book. They will most likely be new to you. You must
be able to define each word, know whether it is a noun, verb, adjective or
adverb, and be able to recognize its use in a sentence or create a
sentence with it on your own. You use the Vocabulary Words in various
activities and then be tested at the end of the week.
2. Reading Comprehension. You will use literal, inferential, and critical
comprehension skills to understand and discuss various text. We will
practice these skills toward contributing towards our school improvement
3. Writing. You will be expected to convey your ideas in writing, from
informal responses to formal essays and research papers. We will focus on
the six traits of writing—explicitly or implicitly—to improve your craft
for classroom assignments. Specifically you will be assigned to write
expository, persuasive, and narrative essays and (a) research paper(s).
4. Silent, Sustained Reading. You will be asked to select a book to read
and given class time to read your selection every day. You will also—most
likely—need to read at home, as well, to meet your Accelerated Reader
point goal per semester. You and I will contract for those at the
beginning of school.
Units of Study
1. Short Stories in Elements of Literature: Third Course.
a. Unit Theme- Facing Monsters
i. The Most Dangerous Game- Richard Connell
ii. A Sound of Thunder- Ray Bradbury
iii. The Birds- Daphne du Maurier
iv. Poison- Roald Dahl
v. Compose own Short Story
b. Unit Theme- The Human Spirit
i. Thank You Ma’am- Langston Hughes
ii. Harrison Bergeron- Kurt Vonnegut
iii. A Man Called Horse- Dorothy M. Johnson
iv. The Washwoman: An essay- Isaac Bashevis Singer
v. Compose Descriptive essay
2. Tragedy-Of Mice and Men: a Novel by John Steinbeck
3. Science Fiction- The Giver: A Novel by Lois Lowry
4. Persuasive Essay on “Utopia”
5. The Poetry Collections in Elements of Literature: Third Course
i. Collection 9- Imagine
ii. Collection 10- The Ways We Are
6. Research- William Shakespeare in Elements of Literature: Third Course
7. Drama—Taming of the Shrew & Much Ado About Nothing- Shakespeare
8. Playwrighting
For class each day you will need to have:
 At least a 2 ½ inch binder
 Dividers marked Notes, Writing, Worksheets, Vocabulary, and Grammar
 A college ruled notebook
 Writing utensils ex: Pen or Pencils
 Our class novel (when applicable)
 Your Textbook- covered
Your grade breaks down as follows:
Class Weights:
Writing Activities: 35%
Reading Activities: 35%
Performances/Projects: 20%
Daily Activities: 10%
*Extra learning opportunities will be available when I feel it is
necessary. I am available after school for any help needed. Don’t ever
hesitate to come to me for help on your assignments. You can also email me at [email protected] and ask me for help that way. I know
this will be a great year!  - Mrs. Remmenga
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