Test-Skeletal System

1. The skeleton is _______________________.
A. Dead-structures
B. Non-living
C. Living
D. Creepy
2. All the bones in your body make up the ________________.
A. Skeletal system
B. Bone system
C. Bone structure
D. Skeletal structure
3. At birth, your skeleton was made up of _____________ bones
A. A greater number of
B. The same number of
C. A smaller number of
D. No
4. Bones protect your _________________.
A. Heart
B. organs
C. Skull
D. All of the answers
5. Now you have _______________ bones.
A. 206
B. 126
C. 602
D. 612
6. What is the function of the skeletal system?
A. Support the body
B. Work with muscles to move the body
C. Give the body shape
D. All of the above
7. What makes up the skeletal system?
A. Blood
B. Muscles
C. Bones
D. Tissues
8. A ________ is a place where two or more bones meet.
A. Joint
B. Muscle
C. Organ
D. All of the above
9. At a joint in the body, bones are held together with what?
A. Tendons
B. Ligaments
C. Cartilage
D. Muscle
10. Bone-forming cells are called _______.
A. Osteocasts
B. Osteoclasts
C. Osteobasts
D. Osteoblasts
____ Bones can break.
____ The skull protects the brain.
____ The type of arthritis caused by normal wear and tear of joints is termed
____ There are 208 bones.
____ The ribs protect the brain.