Sept 11-12 - Thillen Art Carroll High School

Sept 11-12
Mark making and value techniques
Pencils and Value
You need: Shoebox
One piece of paper towel
Sketchbook & all pencils/erasers in kit
Immortality is to live your life doing
good things, and leaving your mark
Brandon Lee
Vocabulary that will be
on the quiz next week
• Mark making
• Value
• H
• B
• Contour
• Hatching
• Cross-hatching
• Stippling
• Scribbling
Pencil techniques
What does H stand for on pencil?
What does B stand for?
Flick technique
Blending stump
Value scale using 2B and 2H (make a scale of
10 values – no color to rich black with 8 steps
Make a quick grid
• Use the ruler and draw quick grid
by lining the ruler next to the edge
of the paper and drawing a line.
• Move it over and repeat
• Rotate to go in opposite direction
• You will need a 4 x 8 grid
Creating types of VALUE (light to dark)
• Create a RANGE of values from
light to dark for each type of mark
Positive and Negative Space
And to use your new skills
• On the page you created
last class –
• Choose a ‘toy’ from the bag
• In each square, using only a
portion of the object, draw
the CONTOUR of it.
• Use ONE of the mark
making techniques to add
• Create AT LEAST 4 values
per square showing
positive and negative space