Art Major I: Grid Drawings NAME:__________ LESSON FOCUS:

Art Major I: Grid Drawings
This lesson focuses on creating a self-portrait based on a grid system.
Proportion: The comparative relationship between the parts of a whole or units as to size.
Scale: The association of size relative to a constant standard or specific unit of measure
related to human dimensions.
Self-Portrait: A portrait an artist makes using himself or herself as its subject, typically
drawn or painted from a reflection in a mirror.
 On your photograph provided by the teacher, measure and draw a 1" grid.
 On your 14"x20"" paper, measure and draw a grid that is twice as large as the
one on your picture: 2"x2". Make sure that you have the same number of
blocks on your drawing paper as you have on your picture.
 Transfer the photograph to the larger grid. Make sure that you look at the
placement of the lines in each square. Pay attention to the lines you are using
and what is in each block. Think of this as a block-by-block transfer.
 Once complete, finish using any drawing medium- pencil, charcoal, oil pastel,
chalk pastel.
*12"x18" paper
*open medium