Flingers—The Lab Write Up
(Test, Quiz and Lab Section)
Name ________________________
Purpose-You (your group) are going to choose an independent variable to test. Once the
independent variable is approved, you will write up and conduct an experiment to test
the independent variable.
1. Your write-up should follow the format below.
2. Your write-up should be typed or written, neatly, in ink.
We will visit the computer lab twice for you to type.
3. All group members must turn in a written lab.
4. Neatness is a MUST!!
Part A- The Big Question- Your question MUST BE written like the question below.
Does the (independent variable) affect the (dependent variable)?
Part B-Hypothesis-Your suggested answer to the solution.
Part C- Identifying Your Variables
The Independent Variable is the ______________________.
The Dependent Variable is the _____________________.
The Variables we controlled are ____________________. (absolute minimum of 4)
Part D- Procedure-This is the step by step set of instructions of your lab. Things you
should be sure to include in your instructions:
1. Angle of the catapult
2. Objects being launched
3. Placement of object on the flip stick
4. Length of your flip stick
5. How the flipper is pushed down
6. How you measure your height or distance
7. The number of times your experiment is performed
Part E- Sketch and Describe
You are going to sketch and describe your catapult system.
Part F-Data
You will have a data table (you make) and a graph (I provide the graph paper, you graph
and label).
Part G-Conclusion
Does the data support your hypothesis? Why or why not? Please be sure to reference
your data when you write your conclusion.