Skills U.S.A. Crossfit Hamma Town

SkillsUSA: Entrepreneurship
By: Becca Starks and Jason Astle
I want to start a fitness center. It would be a Crossfit affiliation. It would express the importance
of functional movement and the way that it transfers to life outside of the gym.
Crossfit Hammer Town
“Crossfit Hammer Town” will be self-run and self-operated. There are a few things needed to
run a Crossfit. You need trainers, and you need a person that can keep the books deal with the money
side of it. I believe that by the time it is ready to get started, I will have the accounting skills to deal with
the money side. As for trainers, I have a few people in mind that I think would be good to start and then
a few others that I would be interested in bringing in when the affiliate is more established. They all
need to be level one certified and eventually I would like to bring some that are Crossfit kids certified,
Crossfit endurance certified, and level two or Crossfit Games competitors.
Crossfit will work because it is proven and battle tested. It was started by Greg Glassman in
1995. In 2003 he affiliated the program and by 05’ there were 18 Crossfit affiliates. Now there are over
4400 worldwide on 6 of 7 continents. That is not to say that there are too many but to say that people’s
reaction to them is unheard of. Crossfit is an amazing business opportunity because we are jumping in
while the beast is still in the baby stage. With that being said, a well-run and well placed Crossfit can
bring in more income than a high paying desk job. (Assuming that it is run correctly) I have been around
this game for four years and seen aspects that make it work and things that drive people away. We
believe that attitudes are key and the leaders of the gym are the people that bring clients back.
Crossfit Hammer Town, we believe that our duty is to our client and our clients are the future of
this company. We strive to create a stronger, fitter and happier community; and believe that the key to
doing so is taking it one person at a time. No matter what your goals may be; get bigger, get smaller, get
faster, stronger or better, we can set you on the path to make it happen. From there the support of the
Crossfit community will help you on your way down that path.
Goals1. By the end of year one I will have 50 members coming regularly.
2. I want people to reach their envelope goals.
3. It will be in a location of worth, one that promotes the gym.
4. Hit the break even mark by 6 months of being open.
5. Create a stronger community in and out of Crossfit.
The target market is people from their early twenties all the way up to people in their late
forties. Really there is little importance in age. There are people that are twenty competing and there
are people that are in masters in their mid-sixties competing as well. It has to do with the desire to
better your life. Life being nutrition, sleep, and fitness levels.
My business will benefit the target market through giving them something that most have never
seen before and almost all have never felt before. It is the revolution of Crossfit and the sport of fitness.
Crossfit is a community and fitness is a lifestyle. People within it are excited and the excitement
radiates from one person to the next. I don’t say this because of business or because I want this to
sound good, I say this because it’s the way it is. I am one of these people and there are many more in
our cult. As this animal grows, and it will grow, you will see more and more people like me. We do
change the community, we do change lifestyles, and we do change lives.
The owner is an employee. The owner has to have as good a perspective on the sport as any
other. This means that he understands the perspectives of the customers and other trainers. The good
thing about Crossfit is that it is as laid back as any company you have seen. The owner is someone that is
good friends with the trainers and the trainers are usually people that developed from that box or one
that they previously went to together. Open, happy, fun relationships with a similar goal are what keep
it progressing.
Crossfit is the selling of a service. It is constant hands on coaching by a certified Crossfit trainer
and the opportunity to learn new functional, fun ways of exercise.
Most of what would be offered would be services but, there could be potential products that
would be available. For one, free stickers. Stickers are an awesome way of marketing. I can’t tell you
how many times I have been far from Crossfit Draper (where I go now) and seen our logo on cars driving
around. We would distribute speed ropes (jump ropes), foam rollers (designed to roll out lactic acid),
gym t-shirts and tops, and also nutrition supplements.
The key to some products have to do with creativity and the key to others have to do with being
smart and money savvy. Research, research, research. Knowing people that are knowledgeable is a good
thing too.
(60,000$ startup cost) Affiliate cost, insurance, equipment, lease.
10 Day Punch Pass- 60$
Month Pass- 130$
Military/ Student- 75$
First three walking are free followed by a 15 dollar walk-in fee for additional.
Case by case basis.
There will be duel ownership. I will be required to get insurance to protect the facility and must
affiliate with Crossfit directly for a 3,000 dollar fee.
I must get affiliated with Crossfit which is a flat fee of 3,000 dollars a year. The gym must employ
and incorporate certified Crossfit instructors. A business license is important it will be a process to
obtain. (Included in 60,000 dollar start up)
People who come to work.
The market for my business plan is competitive people, previous athletes, people looking to get
fit, and everyone who has a desire to live a better general life.
1. What are your fitness goals?
2. What are your life goals?
3. Where have you previously worked out? How long at each gym?
4. How did you hear about Crossfit?
5. What would you say is your fitness level? (All answers work, Crossfit is for all levels!!)
6. How committed are you to changing your lifestyle on a scale of 1 to 10. (If you are below 5,
Crossfit is not a good fit for you.)
**** The first day you come in, I will give you a paper and an envelope. You will write five things in life
that you want to improve. What do you want to make you better? A better dad, a better athlete, better
at school, etc. Put it in the envelope. I won’t look at it and after you have been here for six months you
will open it and you’re going to come tell me if your exposure, you being in here made you better. I
know the answer.
I literally talk to someone about Crossfit at least once a day. People wonder what it is when they
see someone preaching this crazy thing like they’re missionaries to a religion. They ask: “What is it?” It’s
constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity! “So what is it?” It’s every aspect
of fitness then add a clock to race against. “What do you do?” Everything! Crazy stuff that people
haven’t seen before. Where? In a garage!
It is intriguing because it doesn’t have the pool, hot tubs and equipment of a normal gym and yet the
people of the Crossfit community are so excited about it.
Similar fitness goals within age ranges
Scattered life goals
Most have worked out at home or in globo-gyms without trainer supervision
Majority from word of mouth
Average fitness level was 4 to 7
Commitment level is on average about 8
Other gyms within my area consist of Gold’s, 24 Hour Fitness, and other Crossfit Gyms. As for
the competition of the globo-gyms, they will have a high intake of consumers with about 40 to 45
percent of their clientele leaving within the first year. They will rely on material and express importance
of new up to date equipment. Other Crossfits of the area will rely on quality training to bring in business.
They are all in direct competition with me but big gyms detour consumers and eventually drive them to
people who are looking to help them. From there it is a battle of the Crossfits. I plan to keep people
coming back through enthusiasm, correct programing of workouts, warm-ups, and cool downs and
teaching. Most CF trainers are at a high level and will do a good job of teaching you have to bring the bar
up in all areas.
The location of Crossfit Hammer Town will be within the Olympus heights area; ideally about
4000 s. and Wasatch Blvd. The awesome part of Crossfit is that most of the marketing gets accomplished
through the hype and through word of mouth. My plan of business will consist of getting the word out
among neighborhoods in the area and through showing the name in public areas. Especially during the
baby stages of the business.
Ideally the location of Crossfit Hammer Town will be 4000 s. and Wasatch Blvd. Olympus Hills,
Utah. It would pull people from below and above the bench due to location. The Upper East Side is
highly wealthy and awesome targets for what we reach out to. People below the bench would still be
considered upper class and a strong point population wise. (Higher density)
It would be comparable to most other Crossfits. A warehouse style gym. Bathrooms are needed,
a front room is needed and 1,300 to 2,000 sq. ft. of open gym. Matted floors, preferably high-rise
ceilings, some kind of color throughout (quotes, possible graffiti). Barbells, plates, and racks on one side.
Pull-up bars, medicine balls, and kettle-bells on the other. A big white board is needed.
Crossfit Hammer Town, “The Fight for Better”
Work harder to fit the needs and expectations of clients. Keep people in good spirits and keep
them optimistic about their goals and their progression towards them. People become missionaries of
Crossfit through developing relationships and achieving goals throughout their time.
Our accounting will be run at Crossfit. The use of a computer and a memory saver in case of
crash will be main way of financial practice. Hard copies will be taken personally by me (Jason Astle) to
my home.
The original start-up cost will be from 50 to 60,000 dollars. After that, I will have to deal with
rent, insurance, utilities and trainer wage. In most cases I will be the one doing the training. The
estimation of insurance is around 900 dollars a month, rent around 2,100 a month, utilities 200 dollars,
and wages will be around 900 dollars due to the fact that I will be the main trainer. (Especially the first
One could be a business loan. The next thing that I have in mind is becoming a wildlife fire
fighter to get the original money needed.
Wage: 900
Utilities: 200
Rent: 2,100
Insurance: 900
According to My interview with Brandon Bickmore (owner of Crossfit Draper), losing money or
breaking even is common within the first year of ownership. In order to break even, I need to bring in 44
standard consumers per month; standard meaning 130 dollar fee. The first three months I expect to
bring in from 30 to 40 consumers. Realistically 50 customers is the goal for the first 8 to 10 months.
From there an addition of 2 to 5 per month until capacity of around 130 members which is around two
years after the original 8 to 10 months.
Crossfit Hammer Town will deal with most records through computer work. All will be moved to
a virtual memory saver in case of computer crash. Hard copies (unused until tax dates and returns) will
be stored outside of Crossfit.
I will be in charge of accounting and organizational dealings. The key to Crossfit is enthusiasm.
Be happy, show intent to teach, be excited to teach; lead by example in diet, intensity and politeness.
Love the game!!
Lead by example. Promote work ethic and incorporate community. Keeping people working
hard keeps people happy and motivated.
Owner/ Owners
Head Trainer
Overview of Assignment
This semester I have had a great opportunity to learn much about Crossfit as far as its
beginnings, where it is on its way to and how it can be used to create an income. I teamed up with Becca
Starks on this project to get more in depth into the subject. We chose to create a business plan for our
participation in SkillsUSA. I have already acquired much of the information needed to understand and
express the topic through personal time within the environment, interviews and research reports. As we
worked it began to be a fun project for the both of us. I don’t think that Becca has ever participated in it
and even in the short time going over the subject I feel that she has come to have a bit of an interest in
Crossfit. Overall this has been an awesome opportunity for learning and growing on the subject and
what could become a potential life choice for either one of us.
It was an awesome experience to not only go over the subject but to break down how to do a
full on entrepreneurial business plan. Neither of us have had the opportunity to that far in depth with a
subject, nor could we without the SkillsUSA information sheet that we used. We are both very excited
about the project and how it could potentially help us later on either following through with it or one
day creating a different business plan for another business of choice. The things we were told to do all
correlate to what we feel should work in the real world and are things that we will make sure not to
Here is another paper written earlier in the term that may give a few more examples of why
Crossfit is an awesome way to keep motivated and happy as well as why it is the fastest growing fitness
model in the last 30 years.
New Fitness for a New Age
A man named Greg Glassman went through his early life as a gymnast. At a certain point he
came to realize that strictly gymnastics was not allowing his body to progress and strengthen at the pace
needed to do well at his sport. He turned to weight-lifting at a high intensity to compensate and stay on
the map. As he lifted he began to do better in gymnastics. Eventually he decided to incorporate
bicycling. While still having gymnastics in his sights, he cross-trained more and more with the two,
weight-lifting and road biking. Through this he found that though he was now progressing more and
more, there were still specialists that were beating him in each; but if he went against them at any other
athletic endeavor they were far behind his skillset. This is the base and how Crossfit was eventually
born. In 1995 the first was created, Crossfit Santa Cruz then in 2001 he created a website showing the
WOD (workout of the day), video demos and discussion of the WOD. By 03’ there were enough
followers to affiliate the program. Now, 2012, Crossfit is considered “The Sport of Fitness”. It is
constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity, meaning that it is a series
movements’ that are always changing, applicable to real life and performed at as fast a pace as you are
able to put on your body and mind. Here: “Fitness is work capacity measured across broad time and
modal domain” (Founder and Owner of Crossfit, Greg Glassman Defining Crossfit).
An article in The Wall Street Journal tells the story of a Marine crippled by an accident. His pelvis
crushed with his legs and nerves mangled. He is almost always forced to be in a wheelchair and was left
three inches shorter. “In 2008, a friend mentioned a vigorous cross-training routine, Crossfit, often used
by military Special Forces. Mr. Delgado was enticed by the workout's intensity and variety, and liked the
camaraderie of the exercisers. He now works out five times a week and keeps a strict eating regime. He
has the strength to walk short distances unassisted. "At this point, [working out] is more of a livelihood
than anything," says Mr. Delgado, who lives in North Patchogue, N.Y. (Fitness as a Full Time Pursuit)
When I was a junior in high school, I was introduced to something that I had never seen or heard
of before. Crossfit. I immediately fell in love. It is the opportunity to try as hard as you can with all of
your mental and physical strength, and in a sense become part of a family. Greg Glassman, what our
community would call the inventor of new age fitness said, “There is something that happens in here
collaboratively, that is generally in the broadest sense a positive experience for all things that matter to
us. If you come to see that, you’re one of us.” In saying this, Crossfit is not just a gym that people go to.
It’s a community and a sport; something you live. It makes people better friends, brothers, soldiers,
neighbors, students, dads and strangers. It changes mindset and transfers to everything. Though many
are still packing into what we call the “globo-gyms” of the world (Gold’s, Lifetime, 24 Hour)and eating
the way the standard fitness magazines tell them to, there is a new breed on the way; changing gyms to
cults, food to fuel and members to families. That’s what makes it different; that’s what makes it better;
that’s what makes it what it is. “The cult of Crossfit.”
Everybody has a different expectation out of fitness but there is one word that is common with
all expectations. “Better.” Everyone is chasing better. Fitness is a lifestyle and the only way to be truly fit
is by turning it into exactly that, a lifestyle. Many see it in one aspect, that being exercise. Nutrition is
constantly overlooked and improperly incorporated. Due to this, people see fewer results in body
composition, energy levels and sleep patterns. It causes them to give up on their goals and become
defeated. Crossfit stops that. It incorporates nutrition; specifically the paleo diet and keeps people
motivated to succeed not only through physical competition but through nutritional competition.
It is unanimous that the use of carbohydrates is a key role in an athletes’ ability to perform.
With that being said, your body has to have proteins and fats. These are the three macronutrients; the
chemical compounds needed for the body to survive. (Plus water) You have to find a balance of them
that can best fit your task. The U.S. Ski Team for instance will eat pixy-sticks before leaving the gate for a
quick burst of energy. This is because they are power athletes and simple carbohydrates will give them
the energy they need for their one to two minute run. The style of athlete is something that creates
great differences in food intake and food type. A power athlete relies on explosiveness and ability to
focus all energy into short bursts. They will most likely have a higher intake of proteins and simple
carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables. The reason for this, proteins, especially red or fatty meats,
hold iron, calcium, enzymes, Vitamin B12 and amino acids (BCAAs build and repair muscle); while fruits
and vegetables give you energy and provide vitamins and minerals to keep the body and mind working
efficiently. This is the diet of Crossfit. The paleo diet. It is designed to simulate the diet of our paleolithic
ancestors who lived around 25,000 years ago off of meat, fruit, vegetables, roots, and seeds. (No grain,
dairy, processed foods or alcohol.) It creates a lean person with available energy to move distances and
invoke strength. (Not a marathon runner.)
Few people of our population get the exercise needed. America has become a nation of
spectators. The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found: 29% of adults are entirely
sedentary and another 46% don’t get enough physical activity. People slam down pasta and bread
because “EXPERTS” say its right. “A short time after a carb-rich meal, the glucose in your bloodstream
rises rapidly, and your pancreas produces a large amount of insulin to take the excess glucose out.
Insulin is the hormone responsible for body fat storage. Fats do not elicit an insulin response.” (Diabetes
Health, Barry Groves PHD). In the article Groves directly blames complex carbohydrates for obesity in
America. The standard person is either lazy, too busy sitting at a desk to get the exercise they need, or
uneducated and unknowing in fitness; yet still filling their body with high energy foods for their low
energy life. Hobbies have gone from sports and outdoor activities to people loving television, cell
phones and long naps. A person with a lifestyle of sitting needs to have a diet that is in part with that
lifestyle and a person with one of activity needs a diet to fuel their engine and keep them running.
As you get more into nutrition it forces you to get more into physical exercise and visa-versa.
They better your bodies’ mental and physical ability to perform and you can’t reach your best without
incorporating them both. Each day, when I walk into Crossfit, I see all the people that have become the
best of friends to me. There, my name is Crash. It is a place that represents the deepest of emotions.
The others understand the joy or frustration or the savage that people sometimes become. “There is no
better community than one that bears suffering together, for a higher gain. Suffering creates bonds
much stronger and faster and longer lasting than joy and easy situations do” (Crossfit Crew). Most
aspects have to do with time. It is a race against the clock. “Do this as fast as you can.” “Do as many as
possible in this amount of time.” Whether you take two minutes or twenty minutes, if you try the
hardest you can, it will feel more rewarding than many things you can do in a lifetime. The people that
don’t create suffering for themselves do not create accomplishment either and quickly weed themselves
out and eventually quit on their own.
There is a totally different aura about Crossfit. Other gyms are mirrors, scales, machines,
material; they are body image and people calmly pacing on treadmills. “At a glance you can tell this is a
Crossfit facility. The footprint is different, the equipment is different, the interaction of the people is
different, the movements they are doing are different, the business model is different. I don’t know of a
component that isn’t way different” (Greg Glassman). You will learn to move weight in ways you have
never even seen before, find the importance of hips and how you can use them to torque your body and
create explosion; how to keep a strong back and core to prevent injury and promote posture and
strength. There is something that happens differently. There is true confidence instead of hundreds of
mirrors scattered throughout to reassure people that they are who they want to be.
“Do you know why I Crossfit? Why others I see Crossfit? Confidence. The confidence to step up
to something ugly and say "yes I can." The confidence to know that I have faced worse, pushed through
harder, not given up, not turned away, but persevered and finished. I've got the confidence to get in
there and try again, because I've seen the results, I've pushed the weights, and while it was hard, I got it
done. Crossfit has given me the confidence to approach everything knowing I can finish if I put my mind
to it. I set that little timer in my head and I AMRAP (as many rounds/ reps as possible) that TPS report, I
TABATA (style workout) my blog, and I game the hell out of my marathon busy work sessions. I have yet
to face a daily task as hard as Fran (workout). I have yet to start something as hard as starting 800m
repeats. Crossfit has helped build that confidence. That confidence makes everything else pretty easy in
comparison” (Crossfit AC). That is something that isn’t said by people of big name gyms. People say I
want to be bigger, skinnier, whatever. Why? What for? “If I had a personal trainer I would like bigger
arms, a flatter stomach and bigger man-boobs. Then I'd be able to strut it around. I'd have more
confidence to get laid” Christopher Humphreys, 26. Looks, looks are why many take the time to get to
the gym each day. It produces a confidence in outer self and in times of adversity crumbles. “Real
firmness is good for anything; strut is good for nothing” Alexander Hamilton.
Crossfit is better because it’s not a gym, it’s Crossfit. It’s a builder and a killer. In New York Times
article, Getting Fit, Even if it Kills You, Glassman talked risk. "It can kill you," he said. "I've always been
completely honest about that.” People know this and yet it still pulls them in. Most say “I’m going to the
gym.” Crossfitters say “I’m going to Crossfit.” It is in a class of its’ own and can’t be compared like Gold’s
or Lifetime. Anyone can do it and yet the fear of it drives many away before even trying. Crossfit is the
opportunity to use all aspects of body and mind to create a new stronger inner feeling. It becomes a
livelihood and lifestyle instead of a few hours at the gym then a protein shake. Crossfit is a new person
with bigger goals and more enjoyments, it is safer, happier communities and stronger bonds; it is
potential to create better. This is why it is turning into the new face of “fitness”.
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"It is our suffering that brings us together"
"It is our suffering that brings us together. It is not love. Love does not obey the mind, and turns
to hate when forced. The bond that binds us is beyond choice. We are brothers. We are brothers in
what we share. In pain, which each of us must suffer alone, in hunger, in poverty, in hope, we know our
brotherhood. We know it, because we have had to learn it. We know that there is no help for us if we do
not reach out our hand. And the hand that you reach out is empty, as mine is. You have nothing. You
possess nothing. You own nothing. You are free. All you have is what you are, and what you give... We
have nothing but our freedom. I have nothing to give you but your own freedom. I have no law but the
single principle of mutual aid between individuals. I have no government but the single principle of free
association... If it is the future you seek, then I tell you that you must come to it. You cannot buy the
Revolution. You cannot make the Revolution. You can only be the Revolution. It is in your spirit or it is
Ursula Le Guin, The Dispossessed