CrossFit No'Ala UNA Internship Program

CrossFit No’Ala
UNA Internship
Contact Information:
Head Coach James Norton, CF-L1, USAW-L1
(256) 366-5889
Internship Goals:
To provide undergraduates and graduate students interested in a career in CrossFit/strength
and conditioning an opportunity to learn and shadow experienced CrossFit coaches in a fast
paced learning environment. Interns who are selected will be exposed to the following:
• CrossFit certification process (CF-L1, Coaches Prep Course, Seminars)
• Risk stratification
• Nutrition analysis (dietary recall)
• Body composition assessment (HT/WT, skin fold assessment)
• Foundations of CrossFit (coaching)
• Introduction class (new members)
• Coaching of the Olympic lifts
• Program design
• Competition planning
• Administrative details
*NOTE: Interns will NOT coach athletes, only shadow and learn.
Minimum Requirements for candidates who are interested in this program:
• Currently enrolled at a four year institution, pursuing a sports science degree
(Physical Education, Exercise Science, Health Promotion, Athletic Training, Sports
Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Fitness Management, etc.)
• Minimum of junior/senior status OR successful completion of HPE 225 (Nutrition &
Human Performance), HPE 360 (Intro to Fitness Testing), HPE 363W (Exercise
• Possess a high level of interest in learning, coaching, and care for athletes
• Strong interest in CrossFit methodology
• Willingness to participate in CrossFit WODs (minimum 4x week)
• Willingness to participate in facility maintenance
of this program:
Waived gym membership to CrossFit No'Ala ($75/month value)
Free coaching from experienced CrossFit and weightlifting coaches
Possibility of employment upon graduation and successful completion of certification
Program Timeline:
• Applications are accepted year round.
• Once online application is submitted (complete with resume and cover letter) an
interview will
be scheduled with the staff, head coach, and CEO of CrossFit No'Ala.
• The interview will be a board style. (Candidates should be WELL rehearsed to answer
questions pertaining to CrossFit/S&C/etc.)
• TIPS: Don't apply for this position if you've never attempted/researched CrossFit.