Unit 5
Puritan, morality
Dramatists, Dryden
French, Moliere
Intellect, argumentative
Locke, know, sensory
 Reason, deism, clock-winder, intellect
 Formal, precision
 Heroic
 Pope, classical, Pope, prose, satire
 Swift
 Johnson
 Journalism, novel, novel,
 Biography, Gibbons’s
 Watts, Newton
Poetry, nature, personal, Burns
Prose, Pope, satire, Defoe, Wesley
Criticism, didactic
Didacticism, teach
Heroic, satire
Epigram, discipline,
Novel, middle
Robinson Crusoe, first, Bunyan’s
- Realistic
- plot
- theme
Ordinary, settings
- Plot
Conflict, protagonist, antagonist
- Internal
- External
- man
- himself
- greater
Robinson Crusoe, alone, nature, antagonists
Setting, island
Characters, plot, examples, experiences
Direct, directly
Indirect, own
Static, dynamic
Human nature,
Dynamic, first
Theme, experience, true,
truths, truth
Man, nature
Journalist, Robinson Crusoe
Realism, reality
First, factual
Allegory, fiction,
Human, divine,
survive, God
Addison, Steele, journalism
Essayist, High
Editor, knighted
Journals, coffeehouses, journalism
Expose, disguise, ignorance
Coffeehouse, newspaper
Free, penny
Emotion, all, think, reason, teeth
Drama, coffeehouse
Discontinued, coffeehouse, essays, character,
Saved, earned, Franklin’s
- love, woman, justice
- lawyer, drama
- Freeport, merchant
- Sentry
Honeycomb, ladies’
- clergy man, health
Variety, reader, individual
Variety, women
 Families, own
 Talk, think
 Virtue
 Christian, ode
 Essays are confined to editorial pages today. Satire is
present in modern newspapers but is most often limited to
political cartoons. The gossipy parts of these early
periodicals correspond most closely to present-day advice
Satirist, satire, evil, sin
Eat, babies
Court, parody
4, 6, 60
Simple, satire
Hatred, pride
License, trample, meat
Favor, highest, foot, left, head, ear
Eggs, finger, egg, war
Catholics, Tory, trivial
Dwarfed, weak
Only, poetry, fixed
God, final
“Fools rush in
where angels fear
to tread.”
Father, Latin, Hymns
Exercise, sleep, four
9,000, Methodism
Pilate’s, evangelistic
Isaiah, biblical
Greatest, deism
Standard, father
Deaf, blind
Indirectly, life, inoculation
Experience, tenants
Johnson, biography
Biography, character
Lyric, OCD, perfect
Elegy, death
- country
- death
- death, tombstone
Obscure, desert
Industrial, unclaimed, fictional
Hymn, depression
Common, peace
Struggles, leave
Own, power
Scotland’s, 16
Scottish, dialect, Scots, Scottish, Scotland
British, Scotland
Burns, dialect
Audio of the poem
Apostrophe, guarantee
Tone, feelings, future
Satire, hypocrisy
Tone, honestly
Lyrics, constancy, universal
Love- rose
Love- melody
Old, long, rejoices