Creative Minds Pageant Registration Form

Creative Minds Pageants located in Atlanta, GA. is the home of the most astonishing creative scholarship
pageant in the South. We specialize in academics, social skills and scholarship pageants for kids, teens, and
women ages 6mon - 18yrs of age. Our focus is to build confidence and leadership skills as well as to encourage
young women to work toward a promising future filled with success. We offer our contestants prizes such as
Glamorous Crowns, Trophies, Plaques, Sashes, Scholarship/Award money, and various other prizes! Our
Pageant System is open to all sizes, height, weight, ethnicity, and experience does not matter. Whether the
students are new to the pageant world or a pro on stage, they will find our system a positive and exciting
“Creative Minds Pageant Competition- A Mardi Gras Affair”
February 13, 2015 at 3pm – (Atlanta, Ga.) Location TBD
Pageant Director: Martine Claude
Office: 678-755-8992
Email: [email protected]
Mailing Address for registration forms: Creative Minds Pageants, P.O. Box 767211, Roswell, Ga. 30076
Online payments can be made through Pay Pal ($3.00 fee): [email protected]
All checks and money orders can be made out to: Martine Maignan
**If you are making cash payment or would rather not mail in or pay online, please call me to
find out where to take the payment to in your city.
December 19, 2015 - $100 Deposits are due to hold the contestant’s spot. (Non- refundable)
January 16, 2016 - PARENT MEETING!!! Final Registration/All Optional Categories/Talent Competition
Payment due/ last day to complete Registration (non-refundable unless pageant is cancelled)
February 6, 2016 – ALL TICKET SALES MONIES ARE DUE!!! Meet and Greet / Rehearsals!!!
February 13, 2016 – PAGEANT DAY!!!!
Look #1- Pageant Outfit for the opening dance (See price below)
Look #2- An outfit that represents the Mardi Gras/Carnival fashion portion of the pageant! Be VERY
creative, fashionable, and unique!
Look #3- Pageant Gown/Dress for girls and Suit/Tuxedo for boys the formal portion of the Pageant.
Reg. fee: $100 (Includes 3 Competitions) Pageant opening dance attire: $50 Pageant Ad: $50
Meet the Director
Martine Maignan is the founder of Creative Minds Pageants, LLC and has been
a respected professional etiquette consultant, judge, mentor, and life coach for young
women in the pageant world for over 10 years. She has gained an unparalleled
reputation for her personal attention to every detail of pageant competition including
interview skills, application and platform development, appearance and on-stage
performance. Her dedication and commitment to working individually with each
young woman allows each one of her clients to truly represent their own unique
She received her Master’s degree in social work and a Specialist degree in
educational leadership from Nova South Eastern University. She is a proud educator
of high school students and has a special place in her heart for teaching the special
needs population. She was nominated for “Teacher of the Year” and was involved in
the “Teach Me Program” for the state of Florida. She has directed and choreographed
many Award-Winning children’s, high school and adult theater and dance
productions, earning a reputation as a children’s advocate in the dramatic arts.
Martine’s experience as an etiquette consultant, has developed confidence and
leadership qualities that, she believes, will aid in all of her future endeavors in the
pageant world. These are the qualities that she feels each young lady will gain from
being a part of the Creative Minds Pageants.
How do the contestants benefit from the pageant?
** Our pageants focus on academics, confidence, and good interview and public speaking skills
** Many of the skills that the contestants develop while preparing for a contest are skills they will use for the rest of their
lives. Learning how to interview in front of a panel of judges will benefit them whenever they will be interviewed in their
professional lives such as job applications. Public speaking is an ability that is always useful as they learn to answer
impromptu questions with knowledge.
** They learn how to make dedicate their lives to accomplishing goals they have set and how to achieve them.
** Many of the contestants make friends for life with the other contestants. They find themselves studying together,
encouraging each other, and sometimes become the best of friends and provide one another with a shoulder to lean on.
**We encourage our contestants to become positive role models in their community.
** 2 winners are chosen in each pageant, runner up and the winner, whom receive various prizes such as tiaras/crowns,
trophies, plaques, sashes, and national recognition for themselves and their school on the Official “Universal Diamond
Pageants” website which is viewed by many across the country daily.
** Every contestant is a shining star who gets to shine amongst their peers, teachers, family, and friends while the grace
the stage under the spot light.
** Our pageants are an excellent exercise for building self-confidence in our participants. The atmosphere is ALWAYS
positive. Self-confidence is a trait that allows women to pursue their dreams free from fear which we always encourage.
Pageant Fundraising Ideas
Bake sale
Candy apple sale
Candy sale
Car wash
BBQ plate sell
Fish Fry
Raffle tickets
How to get sponsorship for the Pageant fee and other items
Make a list of all the people you know or businesses that you frequently visit in order to approach them for sponsorships.
Make a list of services or products you might need for the pageant, for example; a dress, suit, shoes, jewelry, hair
cut/styling, or Pageant entry fee. Out of your list of prospects, think of which individuals or businesses can provide you
with these items.
Establish a budget. If you still need money to cover additional pageant expenses aside from the products and services you
will receive from your prospective sponsors, you can ask for monetary donations from other sponsors who are still on your
prospect list.
Approach your prospective sponsors in person or in writing by introducing yourself and your involvement with the
pageant. Be prepared to discuss what kind of sponsorship you would like from them.
Sponsorship Tips: Seek sponsors in advance. All people and businesses need time to plan their budgets.
Approaching sponsors in person is more likely to produce better results, than approaching them through a phone call or in
writing. Be persistent. For every "No" you receive, a "Yes" is around the corner!
Creative Minds Pageant Registration Form
Name: _______________________________
Date: __________________
Address: _________________________
Home Number: ______________________
Cell number: _________________________
T-Shirt size: _______
Grade: ______
Age: _____ Gender: ________
Birthday: _________
Employer/School: ______________________
Interests/Hobbies: _____________________________________________________
School Activities/Sports/Clubs: _____________________________________________
Tell us something interesting about yourself:
What are your career/educational goals?
What would you like to gain from your experience in this pageant? (Circle all that apply)
More confidence
More Friends
A fun experience
A moment to shine
Would you like to book an appointment with a Hair Stylist/Barber or Make-up Artist? YES
Are you interested in modeling? YES
Pageant Divisions: (Circle one)
Baby Prince/Princess (6mos.-11mos.) Tiny Prince/Princess (12mos-2yrs)
Little Prince/Princess (5-7yrs)
Prince/Princess (14-16yrs)
Jr. Prince/Princess (8-10yrs)
Mini Prince/Princess (3-4yrs)
Pre-teen Prince/Princess (11-13yrs)
King/Queen (17-18yrs)
All optional categories are $25.00 each (Circle all that you want to enter)
(Mr. /Miss Photogenic)
(Prettiest Formal Dress/Mr. GQ Model)
(Best Fashion/Pageant Theme Attire)
(Best Hair & Make up (girls only)
(Prettiest/Best Smile)
Talent Competition for all age groups: $50 Entry fee (Circle One) YES
Parent/Guardian: ____________________________ (Print)
____________________________ (Sign)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Office use only:
Payment info:
Amount: $ _____
Referred by_____________________ Date: _____________
Balance due: $_____
Hi Parents or future contestant(s),
Please be sure to mail in your Registration forms and fees as soon as possible due to limited space in
each age division. If you need to arrange a payment plan, please do not hesitate to call. I will mail out
tickets to pre-sale to friends and family once I receive the registration and ticket release forms back in
the mail. Tickets are $20 each and there will be a prize given on stage at the pageant for the
contestant in each age group that sells the most tickets. Each contestant will be required to sell at least
5 tickets each and if more are needed, I can send more out to you. All ticket monies and left over
tickets will be collected by FEBRUARY 6, 2016. Please sign the ticket release portion of this form and
return it with the registration packet. Any guests that wish to purchase an entry ticket on the day of
can do so at the door and the contestant will receive credit for it. Thanks so much for your
participation! Feel free to call 678-755-8992 if you have ANY questions.
Martine Claude
(Pageant Director)
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pageant Entry Ticket Release Form
Contestant’s Name:
Contestant’s #:
Parent Name:
Contact Number:
I understand that my child ________________________ has to sell a minimum of 5 Entry
tickets for the upcoming Pageant that she is competing in. I will commit to selling at least 5 tickets
that are priced at $20 each and I understand that the ticket monies for all tickets sold will be due to be
turned in to the Pageant Director, Martine Claude on February 6, 2016.
Parent/Guardian: ______________________
Date: _________________
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