Money Matters - Pflugerville Independent School District

Money Matters
Hendrickson High School 2015-2016
Mike Wozniak
Contact Information:
Tutoring Hours:
Monday and Thursday (4:15-5:00 PM)
And by appointment
Hendrickson High School Grading Protocols for 2015-2016
Major (Summative) Grades
4 or more per grading period
Minor (Formative) Grades
4 or more per grading period
Category Weight 70%
Category Weight 30%
Final Process Writing Pieces
Major Lab Experiences
Independent practice
Progress checks
Components of Writing Process
Lab Experience
Spelling tests
Daily work
Assignment of Grades
The teacher has the discretion to drop grades as long as minimums above are maintained.
Timeliness of posting
 Teacher will refresh on-line grade books weekly, by start of school day each Tuesday.
Retesting or Redoing
Students scoring below “70” on a Major (Summative) Grade shall be allowed (or may be required) to
redo the assignment/test (or similar) after completing prerequisite work. The higher grade, with a
maximum of “70”, shall be recorded.
Retesting/redoing should be completed within 5 school days (unless the teacher makes alternative
provision for extenuating circumstances).
Late Work
Students will be afforded opportunity to submit late work for Formative Assignments during each grading
Late work submissions in this regard must be submitted by the end of the grading period defined as each 3
week segment in the year.
In the event that students are assigned work in the last week of the grading period, students will have 5
school days from the original date of submission to complete the late work assignment.
Late work submissions in this regard must be good-faith efforts at the assignment; trivial attempts at
assignments will not be accepted or graded. The teacher will determine the worthiness of the late
assignment submitted.
Late work submitted will receive the grade obtained if completed in a timely manner, yet no higher than a
Extra credit assignments are NOT subject to this Late Work provision.
Transfer Grades
Transfer grades shall be assigned proportionally to the time spent in each school/class.
Name of Course:
Money Matters
Course Objectives:
Students will earn to apply critical-thinking skills to analyze financial options based on current and projected
economic factors. Students will gain knowledge and skills necessary to set long-term financial goals based on
those options. Students will determine methods of achieving long-term financial goals through investment, tax
planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning, and estate planning.
Format and Procedures:
Money Matters is implemented in several formats – lecture/lab, group projects and presentations. The
instructor will actively demonstrate the various technology applications as an enhancement to the lecture.
Students will respond to the lecture by demonstrating what they have learned. As each student is engaged at
a computer terminal there is immediate opportunity for feedback and further instruction. Group projects and
individual/group presentations will be used as a source of demonstrating mastery of various topics. Each
student is expected to follow Acceptable Use Policies set forth by PISD with respect to computer use.
Additionally, each student is expected to be focused and engaged in the task at hand while in the classroom.
Attendance policies as they are set forth by PISD apply.
Course Requirements:
1. Class attendance and participation policy:
All students are expected to participate fully in discussions, feedback, projects, group work as the teacher
2. Course readings:
Foundations in Personal Finance (DVD/interaction)
Academic Integrity
Each student in this course is expected to abide by the Pflugerville ISD Code of Conduct and Student
Handbook with regard to Academic Integrity. Any work submitted by a student in this course for academic
credit will be the student's own work unless otherwise specifically directed by the teacher.