Treaty of Versailles

Our Past and the Armenian
• C
Enter quietly and directly to your seat.
On topic/Whisper
• H Raise your hand for help and ?’s.
• A Complete Do-Now. Write HW on Calender
• M Sharpen pencil during warm-up.
• P Leave Warm-Up Out
• S 7 minutes to complete
• Why are Benchmarks and CST’s important?
Answer the question on the data analysis
• Do Now ( 5)
• Housekeeping( Hall Passes, Seating Chart,
Notebook Check, Collect Syllabus & PH)( 10)
• Benchmark Awards & BM Analysis ( 20)
• Armenian Genocide ( 50 min)
-Personal Story & Questions
-PPT Notes & Summary
• Exit Slip ( 5)
SWBAT To explain what the
Armenian Genocide is and How it
happened by answering 3 open
ended questions on the exit slip.
• 10.5.5. Discuss human rights violations and
genocide, including the Ottoman
government's actions against Armenian
Let’s Celebrate!!!!!
• Congratulations to ALL students!!!
• Let’s Celebrate EXCEPTIONAL
• Please Come Up and receive your BM
Group/ Partner Work
• C Talk only to partner. On topic. in whisper
• H Ask your partner for help first. If you still
have a question, raise your hand.
• A Completing Task.
• M Remain in your seats
• P Sharing and discussing ideas, not
• S Timer.
Data Analysis (20)
• You will now receive your results back from the
second Benchmark
• When you receive your results, I want you to
do two things:
– Take 2-3 minutes to review your results
– Complete the CAHSEE Reflection by picking 4
questions and explaining correct answer.
I Do--Teacher-Directed Instruction/Media
• C No Talking unless instructed to do so.
• H Raise hand and wait to be called
on ( should be relevant to task).
• A Following along +taking notes/answering
• M Stay in your seat. No hall Pass.
• P Listening Attentively.
• S Verbal signal to stop.
• Peter Jennings News Clip
1) Watch & Listen
2) Discuss the following questions with a partner:
a) What is your impression of the clip?
b) What stood out the most?
c) What was the Armenian Genocide about?
Slide 4
Cornell Notes
-Write Title: ARMENIAN
-Write Date: 1/10
-Questions on the left
-Responses on the right
-Summary at the bottom
What is the Armenian Genocide?
• ____Genocide___ refers to
the____extermination____ of an entire
national, racial, political, or ethnic group.
• The Armenian Genocide occurred between
_1915 and ___1918___ . More than ___1.5
million______ were killed.
Where is Armenia?
Who was involved?
• A group( Young Turks) from the Ottoman
Empire( Turkey) persecuted the Armenians.
Why did it happen?
• Since Armenians were a Christian minority,
and the Ottoman Empire was Muslim, the
Young Turks saw them as a threat in the
creation of a homogenous( 1) Turkish State.
• Armenians lived throughout the Ottoman
Empire and Russian empire. During WWI ,
these two empires were fighting on opposing
sides of the war.
Why did it happen?
• Armenians as a threat during the war.
• Armenians had been financially successful and
had land.
• Questions to think about?
-Were they really a threat?
-Did the Ottoman Empire just want Armenian
territory? Where they caught up in the war?
What happened?
• Turkish authorities began threatening and
persecuting throughout the Ottoman Empire.
• They were deported, publicly executed,
imprisoned, raped, and put into camps.
Raise Hand
Independent Assignment
Stay in your seat
On task & completing independent activity
Timer will let you know when to stop
Summary (10)
• Write a summary on the bottom of your
Cornell Notes, explaining about the
Armenian Genocide
What happened?
A Story of Survival
• Read ( Reading = no conversation)
• Write Title in Notebook: A Story of Survival
• You will be answer questions about the
reading in your notebook (Conversation= On
Topic Whispering).
• You Don’t have to write questions.
• Show me understanding with your THUMBS 
Partner Champs
• C Talk only to partner in whisper voice.
• H Ask your partner/group for help first. If
youstill have a question, raise your hand.
• A Completing Task.
• M Remain in your seats( unless instructed
otherwise) & Stay with group/partner.
• P Sharing and discussing ideas, not
• S Timer.
End of Class (5)
C Listening to directions
H Raise Hand
A Exit Slip or Review
M Push in Chairs after being dismissed. Clean
• P Focus
• S Teacher will dismiss you