MAP 10 Persuasive Essay Background Articles

2016 MAP Persuasive Essay
Essential Question
Which country was the most to blame for the
Great War?
Background Article
Background articles can be found in ABCCLIO database World At War
World War I (Causes)
How important was World War I to the
advancement of women’s rights in Europe?
Women: World War I
What part of the Versailles treaty was most
repugnant to the Germans?
The Controversial Treaty of Versailles
Was Eric von Ludendorf’s military leadership
of Germany during the Great War effective or
Was Lenin a hero or tyrant?
Ludendorff Offensives: World War I
Should America recognize the Armenian
genocide at the risk of alienating our NATO
ally Turkey?
Armenian Massacre: World War I
Vladimir Lenin
Should Stalin’s killing of the kulaks in the
Ukraine be classified as a “genocide”?
Please go to this article in the EBSCO:
Was Woodrow Wilson’s participation in World Woodrow Wilson
War I justified?
What was the main reason why Franco’s forces
wan the Spanish Civil War, and why the
Republican forces lost?
Spanish Civil War: World War II
Was Mussolini’s rule “good for Italy” prior to
their entrance into WWII?
Benito Mussolini
Should the United States have dropped the
atomic bombs on Japan?
Decision to Employ the Atomic Bomb: World
War II