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TE Lawrence
Military Sheet
John Walker Lindh
Labelled by the American government as "Detainee 001" in the "war on terror", John occupies a
prison cell in Terre Haute, Indiana. He has been a prisoner of the American government since 1
December 2001, less than three months after the terror attacks of 9/11
Timeline A to B
nations are
asked to
pick a side
Place in correct order
Pamphlet giving 5
Marches and 1.5
million dead
1915 10
Law of
Expropriation and
1914 WWI
Timeline A to B
Marches and 1.5
million dead
Law of
Expropriation and
Pamphlet giving 5
1914 WWI
nations are
asked to
pick a side
1915 10
2006 Taner Akcam
Official: Armenian genocide resolution
unlikely to get full House vote
March 6, 2010 5:07 p.m. EST
Washington (CNN) -- A narrowly passed committee measure that
recommends the United States recognize the 1915 killings of ethnic
Armenians in Ottoman Turkey as genocide will likely not get a full vote in
the House of Representatives, according to a senior State Department
The official said Friday that the State Department has an understanding
with House leadership on the issue, and, "We believe it will stop where it
The measure passed 23-22 in the House Foreign Affairs Committee on
Genocide denial: Turkish Workers Party leader
Do─ču Perinçek claims that he has the right to
deny the Armenian genocide under freedom of
Jeremy Hammond, known online as
"Anarchaos," pleaded guilty on May 28 to
violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse
Act for his part in breaking into the network
ofgeopolitical analysis company Stratfor Global
Intelligence Service.
Hector Monsegur, also known as "Sabu," may
be the most hated member of Anonymous. In
2011, after being fingered by the FBI, he
betrayed fellow members of the Anonymous
subgroup LulzSec by helping the FBI gather
evidence to arrest them.
Mercedes Haefer, also known by "No," is part
of 'Paypal 14,' a group of hackers arrested by
the FBI in 2011 for allegedly participating in a
cyberattack against PayPal.
Known in Anonymous circles as
"Commander X," Christopher Doyan
participated in attacks on Sony,
PayPal, the Tunisian government
and the county website of Santa
Cruz, Calif. He wasarrested by
federal authorities and threatened
with 15 years in prison in
September 2011
French court overturns Armenian genocide denial law
By the CNN Wire Staff
Updated 1:31 PM ET, Tue February 28, 2012
• A new French law making it a crime to publicly
deny the Ottoman Empire's genocide of
Armenians a century ago was ruled
unconstitutional Tuesday by France's
Constitutional Council.
• The measure, which triggered condemnation
from modern Turkey, was given final passage
by the French Senate and signed into law by
President Nicolas Sarkozy last month.
Trail of Tears
At the beginning of the 1830s,
nearly 125,000 Native Americans
lived on millions of acres of land
in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama,
North Carolina and Florida–land
their ancestors had occupied and
cultivated for generations. By the
end of the decade, very few
natives remained anywhere in
the southeastern United States.
Working on behalf of white
settlers who wanted to grow
cotton on the Indians’ land, the
federal government forced them
to leave their homelands and
walk thousands of miles to a
specially designated “Indian
territory” across the Mississippi
River. This difficult and
sometimes deadly journey is
known as the Trail of Tears.