Technology Letter to professor

Jillian Hamilton
2601 16th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009
Dr. Vernessa White-Jackson
Howard University
2400 Sixth Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20059
Dear Dr. White Jackson,
I just completed your fall 2013 course, The Individual and Society. I really enjoyed
coming to class and discussing all the interesting readings we were assigned. Thank you for
fostering an open and comfortable learning environment. In order to make the class even better
next semester, I think that technology could be incorporated into the classroom. Here are two
brief suggestions:
Some of the short responses about Cinderella, Too Late the Phalarope, and Sayonara
could have been submitted on Blackboard into blog posts. That way we could all read each
other’s responses and understand the different perspectives that everyone had. This could make
classroom discussions livelier as everyone has more material to draw from. You always said that
you prefer that we do most of the talking; the Blackboard posts could foster more student in-class
For the assignment where we had to compare Rapunzel to Sister Hildegard, I think that
making PowerPoint or Prezi presentations would have been a good way to showcase our
research. Because there was no right answer to the assignment, the presentations would have
given the class a glimpse at some of the other possible responses to the assignment. Of course,
the presentations also give students an opportunity to locate or create visuals that represent their
I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Thank you for a great class. I know next semester will
be even better.
Jillian Hamilton
Psychology Major