The Outsiders - tiffanyhelfer

The Outsiders
Chapter 6-7
Write the complete subject
Chapter 6
surveyed—examined; inspected
bewilderment—state of confusion
conviction—fixed or firm belief
tangle—to come into conflict; to fight or
hesitation—a delay due to fear or
uncertainty of the mind
defeated—thwarted; won over; beaten
plasma—the clear liquid part of the blood
hysterics—a fit of uncontrollable laughter
or weeping; hysteria
Quick Write
What do you think makes
someone a hero? Have you ever
had a legitimate hero in your life?
What made them a hero?
Do Ponyboy, Johnny or Dally
prove themselves to be heroes?
The students will
learn how to
determine a theme
or central idea of a
text and analyze its
development over
the course of the
text; provide an
objective summary of
the text.
 Read The Outsiders-Chapter 6
 Chapter 6 Vocabulary
 Chapter 6 Summary
 Character Chart
 Book Club Jobs-Chapter 1-6
 Symbol Crest
Write the simple subject.
Simple Subject
Write the verb that agrees with the subject
Make sentences using any combination of complete subjects and predicates
Subjects and
Quick Write
Do you have any brothers and sisters
that are difficult to talk with? How
come you think they’re hard to talk
with? What would make it easier to
talk with them? What do you think
about them being your siblings?
And if you don’t have any brothers or
sisters, who are the closest to you
that you are as close as siblings to
you? What makes them so close to
 mimicking—imitating or copying action, speech, etc.
 radiates—projects or glows with cheerfulness, joy,
goodwill, etc.
 bleak—without hope or encouragement; depressing
 drawled—spoke with lengthened or drawn-out vowels
Chapter 7
 cocksure—perfectly sure or certain; completely
confident in one‘s own mind
 recurring—returning again to the mind; occurring again
 aghast—struck with overwhelming shock or
 exploits—brilliant or heroic acts or deeds; adventures
 contemptuously—scornfully; showing or expressing
contempt or disdain
The students will
learn how to
analyze how
elements of a
story or drama
interact (e.g., how
setting shapes the
characters or
 Read The Outsiders-Chapter 7
 Chapter 7 Vocabulary
 Chapter 7 Summary
 Chapter 7 Choice Board Job
 Character Chart
 Chapter 7 Comprehension Questions
 Symbol Crest
 Idioms-Find and Define
 in stitches
getting a kick out of all this
 lay off
 dead to the world
 by my lonesome
 lay down the law
raise the roof