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401 assignment 2

Name: Mariam Saleem
Student Id: mc180201775
I conduct interview with my cousin brother who have depressives symptoms like
loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, feelings of worthlessness, suicidal ideations
and etc.
He is 23 years old.
Hafiz e Quran and studying BS chemistry
Marital Status:
Psychological Problem:
Feeling of worthlessness
Presenting Complaints:
He complaints about sleeping disorder. He said that some time he can’t sleep or
sometime he awakes with horror dreams. After that he feels so lonely and scared.
He said that he feels himself as worthless because he fails many time in his inter
class. He can’t succeed in his life. In his childhood he always thinking about death
and suicide and in his 8 standard he makes unsuccessful attempt of suicide.
History of present illness:
Precipitating factors:
In these days he is suffering from sleeping disorder and sadness period. According
to his statement he thinks that he feels loneliness in his life there is nobody to listen
his problems. His parents don’t care about him from his childhood. He has four
sisters and he is the only son of his parents. He thinks that his parents always give
attention to his sisters and they never think about his life and life issues. His father
is very strict person he abused him in his childhood. There is great conflict in his
father’s love for him or his sisters. The behavior of his father put great impact on
his personality. He always seeking love from every one and he sometime he
mistrust his siblings or friends.
Maintaining factors:
The ignorance of his parents and abusive personality of his father always put him
in psychological disorder. During sleeps he suddenly awake with the thought of his
father voice.
In personal history:
He has interest in playing games of war and seeing movies of zombies. He also
help everyone in his house sometime due to the fear of his father or some time he
realizes that it is his duty to serve his mother or his sisters.
When someone abuses him he locks himself in the store of his house and start
crying with sobbing, banging his head and pull his hair helplessly.
In family history:
His father is a government employee in education department and mother is house
wife. In his siblings there are four sisters. Two sisters are elders and two are
Youngers. He has 3rd position in his siblings. His relationship with his mother is
very strong but sometime he gets angry with her for the loss of her attention to
him. He always take care of his family members and sometimes he get depressed
due to his education. He is not as succeeded in his studies as his two elders sister
succeeded. His elders sister always got 1st position in his education career and he
didn’t get any position even he fails in his FS.c standard 2 times so that why he
feels himself so worthless and he considered overloaded work of his family is the
reason of his failure.
In social history:
In his social settings he behaves so friendly with those persons whom he like the
most but he gives no important to those whom he don not like. He likes the
company of female friends and he shares his all problems to his female friend. He
has no male friends. He finds all his love care and trust from female friends. He
said that female friends are more trustable than male friends.
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