AP/CP Statistics

AP Statistics
Scope & Sequence
NCTM Standards covered in this course:
 Problem Solving
 Reasoning & Proof
 Communication
 Connections & Representation
 Compute Fluently and make reasonable estimates
 Understand numbers, ways of representing numbers, relationships
among numbers and number systems
 Analyze change in various contexts
 Formulate questions that can be addressed with data and collect,
organize and display relevant data to answer them
 Select and use appropriate statistical methods to analyze data
 Develop and evaluate inferences and predictions that are based on
 Understand and apply basic concepts of probability
Kentucky State Standards covered in this course:
 Mathematical Communication and Reasoning
 Technology
 Number Concepts
 Mathematical Procedures
 Problem Solving
 Connect and Integrate Knowledge
 Probability and Statistics
Producing Data (8 days)
Designing Samples
Designing Experiments
Designing Simulations
Exploring Data (4 days)
Displaying Distributions with Graphs
Describing Distributions with Numbers
The Normal Distribution (5 days)
Density Curves and the Normal Distribution
Standard Normal Calculations
Examining Relationships (6 days)
Scatterplots and correlation
Least-Squares Regression
Two-Variable Data (4 days)
Transforming Relationships
Cautions about Correlation and Regression
Relations in Categorical Data
Establishing Causation
Producing Data (8 days)
Designing Samples
Designing Experiments
Probability: The Study of Randomness (6 days)
Probability Models
General Probability Rules
Random Variables (5 days)
Discrete and Continuous Random Variables
Means and Variances of Random Variables
Binomial and Geometric Distributions (4 days)
The Binomial Distributions
The Geometric Distributions
Sampling Distributions (5 days)
Sampling Distributions
Sample Proportions
Sample Means
Estimating with Confidence (6 days)
Confidence interval basics
Estimating population means
Estimating population proportion
Testing a Claim (6 days)
Significance test basics
Carrying out significance tests
Use and abuse of tests
Using inference to make decisions
Significance Tests (5 days)
Tests about a population mean
Tests about a population proportion
Two Population Parameters (3 days)
Comparing two means
Comparing two proportions
Inference for Tables: Chi-Square Procedures (3 days)
Test for Goodness of Fit
Inference for Two-Way Tables
Inference for Regression (1 day)
AP Exam Review (15 days)
Course Outcomes:
1) Students will be able to analyze given data and compare two or more
data sets.
2) Students will accurately produce and collect data using surveys or
3) Students will calculate probabilities using the general probability rules
and rules for binomial probabilities.
4) Students will follow proper inference procedures in order to draw
conclusions from data.
5) Students will be able to explain their answers completely and in context.
Revised August 2015