Dual Enrollment Statistics Syllabus

Syllabus: Dual Enrollment Statistics
Mrs. Marasco
Textbook & Course Content
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 7th edition, Moore, McCabe, Craig
Chapters 1-10
Data classification & experimental design, data collection, sampling techniques
Single variable data: descriptive statistics, organization of data, frequency distributions, graphical
presentation of data, measures of central tendency, variation and position
Probability, including fundamental counting rule, conditional, multiplication rule, addition rule
Discrete probability distributions: binomial, geometric, poisson
Normal Probability Distributions: normal distribution, standard normal distribution, sampling
distributions, Central Limit Theorem, normal approximations to binomial distributions
Confidence Intervals: mean, population proportions, variance, standard deviation
Hypothesis testing with one sample: mean, proportions, variance, standard deviation
Hypothesis testing with two samples: means, proportions
Scatter plots, Correlation and Regression
Graphing Calculator, EXCEL, FATHOM Statistics program
Grading Policy: Percentage grades will be calculated by dividing total earned points by total possible points.
You may be evaluated by any or all of the following:
 Tests & Quizzes
 Homework
 In class assignments
 Participation
 Projects
 Notebook
 Grade Scale:
93% - 100%
90% - 92%
87% - 89%
83% - 86%
80% - 83%
77% - 79%
73% - 76%
70% - 72%
67% - 69%
63% - 66%
60% - 62%
Below 60%
Course Policies
Absences/ Make-Up Work:
 When you return from an absence, you are responsible for any missed homework. You have two days
to make up an assignment.
 If you miss a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to take it. Tests/quizzes must
be completed within one week of returning from an absence.
 If you miss class due to a school assignment, sporting event, etc, your assignment is still due by the
due date and the test/quiz must be taken on time. It is your responsibility to ask what you will miss
when you will miss for a school activity/event.
 Late homework assignments for a given chapter will NOT be accepted after the Chapter test.