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1. What kinds of problems can be caused by a faulty power supply?
2. The most common form factor is _______.
3. When a device is in Sleep Mode, it uses less than ____ watts of power.
4. What two components make up a power supply?
5. Which two form factors include a riser card that plugs into the motherboard?
6. Define the following.
a. Current b. Wattage c. ESD d. Voltage e. UPS f.
Transistor -
g. EMI h. Surge suppressor 7. Components inside the computer, such as processors and hard drives, use (AC, DC) voltage.
8. What is included in the specifications for a “form factor?”
9. The most popular case style is the ____________.
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10. List three types of materials used to make electrical components.
11. What is a “line conditioner?”
12. How do you protect a computer against EMI?
13. Why is an inline UPS more expensive than a standby UPS?
14. What do LPX and NLX form factors have in common?
15. When working on a computer, what are some precautions you should take to protect it from ESD?
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