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Email: School Phone: 903-764-2979 Conference Time M-W 9:50-10:35 Th-F 12:55-1:40
Week of August 31, 2015
9/7- No School
9/11-Goodies for Grandparents
9/18- $10 for Class Shirt Due
9/29-School Pictures
Language Arts- Our spelling words this week have short o,
u, and e. We will be working on consonant diagraphs th,
sh, wh, and ch. We will continue to work on the past tense
verb ending –ed. Our vocabulary test this week will have
students fill in blanks of a story with their vocabulary
words. A good study strategy would be to make up a story
and have your children fill in the blanks at home.
Math- We will test on Unit 1- Addition on Tuesday. We will
start Unit 2- Subtraction on Wednesday. In these units we
are reviewing simple addition and subtraction. Making
flash cards at home could assist students. This will
encourage quick recall of math facts.
Remember: Anything below a 70 can be redone to a 70 at
home, except for spelling, vocabulary, and math test. 
We had a wonderful first week of school! I love my class!!
My email, the school phone number, and my conference times will always be listed at the
tope of my newsletter!
Thank you to all my parents/guardians who filled out the paper work quickly ,and returned it!
This week students are writing their vocabulary definitions themselves. This is a 2 nd grade
TEK they must master. They are trying to write their neatest. If you think your child can write
neater, please encourage this at home.
Our class shirts are $10, this is on the school supply list. Every student is required to buy
one. We wear these to all outside school trips and field day. I wear a matching shirt for safety.
 Thank you to all who have already turned in their money.
If you are interested in being a room parent or helping with future parties please send me a
note in your child’s folder!