Letter of Intent

Research Paper Letter of Intent
Junior English Teachers
Hillcrest High School
2800 Owen
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83406
Dear Junior English Teachers: (Use a colon after the salutation)
The topic that I have chosen for my research paper and project is (write topic here) The Pope’s
daughter: Felice della Rovere. The reason why I chose this topic is because (put your reason here) I am
interested in understanding her life and what it was like for her to be a daughter of a Pope. I love the
Catholic religion so I was interested in knowing how and why the Popes were allowed to have children.
I plan to write a 3-4 page, MLA documented paper on this topic. Although the direction of the
research may change as I learn more about my subject, some of the ideas I want to include in my
paper are (write down your ideas for your paper here) her life story. I want to include who her father
was and what kind of Pope he was during the Renaissance. I want to find out what kind of power she had
and what her life was like when she got married. I want to know the place she was raised and who raised
her. I also want to know how she was able to save her family from all the wars in Italy.
I understand that I will be responsible to create many things during this research paper. I know
that I must have thirty-five source notecards. I also understand that these note cards need to have
either a summary, a direct quote, or a paraphrase on them. The note cards also need to include a
full citation and an example of an in-text citation. I also understand that I need to include at least
five sources in my paper, and I realize that for my annotated bibliography I will need to have at
least five sources. As I consult at least five sources, I understand that I must have at least one print
source, three database sources, and one source of my choosing. I do realize that as this paper is
being written I will also be responsible for many smaller assignments: a works citied, an outline,
and many drafts of my paper.
I do promise that as I consult all my sources and as I write my paper that I will not plagiarize any
assignment due for this research paper. I will not take someone else’s ideas and try to pass them off
as my own. If I ever do share someone else’s ideas on any of my assignments, I will always include
an in-text citation so that I can give credit where it is due.
(your signature here)
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