Russian Revolution Basics RussiaPPT

A brief history of revolution
I am considered the father of
Those who believed in my theories
were said to practice “Marxism”
(Though I’m German, I influenced
millions of Russians)
Karl Marx
The people in Russia were mad
for these reasons (mostly)
• No workers’ rights
• Major class inequality
• Regular people have no voice
in the government (Czars
• Peasants want land
• Russo-Japanese war was a
total failure
• Russia was behind the times
You’ll get to know me later, but for
now, Comrades, let
me tell you why
revolution was ripe in Russia.
As the czar of Russia, I got us
involved in a lot of wars. I was
not popular when millions of
Russian soldiers died as a result.
I, like all the czars before me,
had complete and total control
over all Russians
Czar Nicholas Romanov II
I was a lawyer turned
revolutionary. I founded the
Bolshevik Party based on the
ideas of Karl Marx.
“Peace, Land, Bread!”
Vladimir Lenin
Meanwhile, during
I knew I should have been
paying more attention to
Don’t worry
about it Czar,
I’ve got things
Grigori Rasputin
The Bolsheviks staged the February
Revolution in 1917. The Czar
abdicated the throne
The provisional government was
dissolved during what was called the
October Revolution in 1917, and the
Bolsheviks began to take over.
Russia’s Civil War --1917-1922,
Resulted in the formation of the USSR and the Communist Party.
In 1918 The Czar and his family were assassinated
Hello Comrades!
Leon Trotsky
1879- 1940
(death by icepick)
I am Leon Trotsky!
I was the guy who ran
the Bolsheviks while
Lenin was away, and I
ran the Red Army during
the war. I was both
glorified and vilified… for
good reason.
After the Civil War both
Trotsky and I were given
positions in the
Communist Party.
I wanted more…
Joseph Stalin
(if you remember nothing else about
the Russian Revolution, remember
who I am)
I died in 1924. I could see that
my beloved Communist Party
was going to be torn apart by
Trotsky and Stalin, and I tried to
stop it… alas.
Before Lenin died, I was
giving jobs to my
When Lenin died in
1924, I became the new
leader of the
USSR…even though
Lenin was in the
process of firing me
when he died.
Joseph Stalin
(Really…I’m super important)
IIIn 1927 I was exiled for the
last time. I spent my
remaining years in Mexico
until I was assassinated in
Baby, through my Five Year Plan I
will guide the USSR to economic
success. No matter what the
cost (I’m talking human lives
I really love Comrade
Stalin, but I kind of
wish he didn’t kill my
entire family and force
me to work on this
collective farm.
stalin video
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