PGDBM Financial Management

Financial Management
Open Book Test
Q.1) Explain in detail role & functions of finance Manager.
Q.2) Explain concept of Working Capital Management & its advantages &
Q.1) Explain the Basic Considerations for Financial Planning.
Q.2) Write Short notes on
a) Over Capitalization &Under Capitalization
b) Time Value Money
c) Financial leverage & Operating leverage
d) Trading On Equity
e) Dividend Policy
f) Bonus Shares
g) Operating Cycle
h) Types of Working Capital
i) Factoring
j) Determinants of Dividend Policy
k) Technique of Capital Budgeting
Q.3) What are the various Factors that are to be taken into account while deciding
upon the Dividend policy
Q.4) What is Dividend? What are the Types of Dividend ?Explain the Legal &
Procedural Aspect of Dividend Payment.
Q.5) Define Cost of Capital How will you calculate cost of
a) Debt
b) Equity shares c) Preference Shares.
Q.6) Which are the various Factors that determine the Working Capital
Requirements of a Firm ?Explain.
Q.7) Explain Different Methods of Evaluating Capital Expenditure Methods.
Q.8) Explain the various Techniques used for Evaluating Capital Expenditure
Q 9) Explain importance & limitations of Financial Statement analysis.
Q.10) Explain How Cost of Capital is calculated for various sources of capital.
Q.11) Discuss in detail the nature & scope of Financial Management.
Q.12) Explain Importance& limitations of Financial Statement analysis.