Study Guide Southwest Asia and North Africa

Study Guide Southwest Asia and
North Africa
1. Why are most of the inhabitants of many countries
like those in Central and Southwest Asia unevenly
distributed , and what geographic factor has
influenced where people live?
People have to live near a reliable source of water.
2. What region in Southwest Asia has the most oil
• The Persian Gulf
3. What type of government does Syria have?
• Official title: Republic: - a representative
democracy in which the people's elected deputies
(representatives), not the people themselves, vote
on legislation.
• Authoritarian : a form of government in which state
authority is imposed onto many aspects of citizens'
lives. It uses military force to control opposition to
its policies.
4. What is desalinization, and how has it allowed
populations in the Middle East (and around the
world) to survive in extreme droughts and lack of
• It’s the process of removing salt from sea water. It
provides freshwater for people to drink, and for
watering crops.
5. What types of population lives in the desert and
semiarid regions of North Africa
• Nomadic ( Bedouins)