Chapter 1 Review no answers

Chapter 1 Review
Answer these Questions
1. Define Sociology and examine the components of the sociological perspective
2. Explain the importance of a global perspective for sociology
3. Examine how social marginality and social crisis encourage people to use the
sociological perspective
4. Identify and describe four benefits of using the sociological perspective
5. Identify and discuss three social changes especially important to the
development of sociology
6. Identify and describe the three-stage historical Development of sociology as a
7. Discuss the importance of theory in sociology
8. Summarize the main assumptions of the 3 major theoretical approaches
Be able to answer 2 of these essays
1. Identify what you regard as some of the manifest and latent functions of American
High schools.
2. How have sociologists helped shape public policy and law and an example?
3. What are the benefits of the sociological perspective? Provide specific examples of
how applying the sociological perspective to your daily life benefits you
4. How societies all over the world are increasingly inter-connected and what are the
consequences of these links?
Fill in the Blank summarization
The ______________-______________ shows the effect of society on individual
lives. “Social ______________” is like seeing the strange in the familiar; this is the idea
of turning private troubles in to _______ issues to be solved. The sociological
perspective also talked about categories of people who experience social
______________and _________ are more likely to see the world sociologically.
Having a global perspective is important for four major reasons. Introduces
people to the fact that others live ____________ around the world, the worlds societies
are becoming more _____-____________, problems are more serious in other parts of the
world, and that global awareness helps us better understand ______________by looking
at how others have it.
Sociology is an extremely important science b/c it impacts our lives by helping to
shape ________- ________ and laws. It impacts our lives in four personal ways. It helps
us asses common _________ systems, helps us to appreciate ______________and
_______, encourages our participation in society, and lastly it increases our awareness of
______________around the world.
A theory helps play a part in how people make observations and form an
understanding of society. Sociologists use _______ major approaches to help create their
theories and relate facts to each other. Two of the ______-level approaches: approaches
that look at society in a broad view are ___________-functional and ________-conflict.
The third approach, _________-_____________ uses a _____-level approach; approach
that looks at society in a narrow; case by cases view.