Meeting 4 6 weeks down – 2 to go!!! It's time to talk about

Meeting 4
6 weeks down – 2 to go!!!
It’s time to talk about consistency and motivation. The initial energy and focus may be wearing
off and it is now about:
a. A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent
repetition. b. An established disposition of the mind or character.
~ You are genetically conditioned to form habits in your unconscious
~ 96-98% of your actions are a result of your sub conscious mind
~ 2-4% of your actions are controlled by your will-power and conscious mind
~ NASA habit study shows that it take average of 30-60 days to change neurological pathways
~ Breaking the habit at any point before this permanent change caused the participants to start
back at day one.
How do you change???
~ Know your WHY
~ Have a specific goal (lifestyle) that will replace your old lifestyle
~ Enforce your new thought processes CONSISTANTLY
Vision board (hot shots)
Positive affirmation (fb group and support)
Change a Habit – Then what??
~ Your neurons will subconsciously work towards your new positive lifestyle
~ It will be natural to pick the good and to exercise – eating bad and no exercise will not be
natural and may cause guilt
~ The more you stick with it, the more you stick with it!!
~ Reintroducing bad habits consistently will train you back to your old self
Food for Thought –
Assaraf details a NASA study whereby astronauts were fitted with lenses that inverted their vision 180
degrees. After approximately 25 days, one of the astronauts reported that his vision had automatically
corrected itself and reinverted his sight 180 degrees. All of the astronauts in the study reported the same
phenomenon within a few days. When the astronauts removed the lenses, their vision was again inverted
180 degrees.
The scientist discovered that after 25 to 30 days, the subjects’ brains actually created new neural
pathways to adjust for the inverted vision. A subsequent study also reported that researchers found that
when the lenses were removed for 24 hours halfway through the study, subjects were essentially put
back to square one. In other words, they had to start the 25 to 30 days from scratch.
Long, Weldon. “The Power of Consistency.” John Wiley & Sons, 2013-01-28.
~ Consider reading “The Power of Consistency”
~ Oprah meditation challenges
~ Do some habit research and share your findings on our group page!!
~ Start counting the days your consistent!! One mark on your mirror for every day you HIT
THE MARK. Miss a day – erase – start over. Start sharing a pic of your dashes.