Application Assignment

Application Assignment
The Power of Habit
In his article “The Power of Habit” author Charles Duhigg outlines a his theory that
the habits we have, both good and bad, are the result of a combination of operant
and classical conditioning.
Read the article quietly by yourself. Be sure to mark questions and comments in the
margins and underline key points made by the author. When you are done reading,
discuss the article with a partner. Do you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with
the author? What parts of the article are particularly interesting?
Duhigg’s article highlights the steps one could take to replace a bad habit with a
positive one. Your task is to carry out his steps and see if they work. Over the next
week, try to develop a positive habit or eliminate a bad one by breaking the habit
Your plan needs to address the following five questions:
What is the cue for your bad habit?
What is the craving?
What is the behavior that satisfies the craving?
What new behavior are you attempting as a replacement?
The final product will be a two page typed essay reflecting on your experience and
critically analyzing the author’s theory. This will be due Thursday, December 12th.