Presentation for Ambassadors

Welcome to a demo of the Janssen ResidentsConnect program. This program runs on all Palm or Pocket PC PDAs. In
addition, it requires a maximum of 6.5 megabytes of memory – significantly less memory than the 32-64MB of free memory
that is available on most PDAs today. Alternatively, residents may install the application to expansion memory cards. Free
updates to the program are included and will be provided for one year from program launch.
Pocket PC PDA
We shall review the Palm OS screens in this
demo, Pocket PC screens are very similar.
The resident taps on the “Risperdal” icon to
start the program.
The home page is comprised of two tabs:
The Main tab and
The About tab
The Main tab displays the main screen for this
application. Here the resident may peruse one
of the three textbooks they selected as a part of
this program, as well as reprints, and the
Risperdal package insert.
The About tab displays sponsor information. By
selecting this option, they can learn more about
Janssen and the ResidentsConnect program
Only the one textbook chosen by the Resident, along with the
Reprints and Risperdal Package Insert are installed on the
For the purposes of this demo, we will select the first manual
on the list, DSM-IV-TR. As a result, the reference is opened
and the main index is displayed in alphabetical order.
This main index is similar to the index at the
back of a book. Residents may enter the first
few letters of a topic to quickly find it.
For example: Residents can find Bipolar
Disorders by typing in Bip
They can also search for information using the table
of contents, which is similar to the table of contents
in the front of a book, or the medication index, or the
DSM-IV-TR codes index.
For example, The resident may go into the
medication index and attempt to find Risperidone
by typing in Ris
Another feature designed to help the resident
navigate easily and efficiently throughout the
manual is the Home icon, which returns them to
the application’s main screen in one step.
From the home page residents can select the
Reprints or the Risperdal PI to review. In the
next screen we will see the Reprints.
Residents can review reprints by selecting
the appropriate Journal reprint.
A set of tabs are displayed on the right to help them easily
navigate through the content. This mirrors the choices
offered in the green drop down menu.
Pocket PC PDA
And finally, you should strongly encourage residents to install and synch their PDAs weekly with a desktop
computer that has an active Internet connection.
Skyscape Customer Support 1-888-452-6334
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST
Program Website:
This concludes the demo for the Janssen ResidentsConnect Program.
Thank you for your attention