ProStart Course Syllabus

Prostart Foods Service Culinary 3
Course Syllabus
Room: 216
Family and Consumer Science Education
Lab Fee: 15.00 Pay in Main Office by first lab.
Instructor: Maureen Fanion
Contact Information: Phone751-3580
Office 11:00 – 12:00 and after school
TITLE OF TEXTBOOK/ RESOURSES USEED: National Restaurant Association
Foundations One
Guest speakers, video films, outside resources, National Family, Career and Community Leaders
of America curriculum.
LENGTH OF Culinary Arts 1 COURSE: 1 Year
COURSE REQUIREMENT: Students must have a sincere interest in Food Service Industsry.
Required Class Materials:
● 2 inch 3ring binder for this class only or spiral notebook
Blue or Black pens only
Black sharpie
Personal Hair ties for hair length
Flash drive
 Serve Safe Food Handlers Card
The Prostart program is a pioneering School to Career program that introduces high school students to
careers in the food service industry. On the job training and experience, coupled with a dynamic and
comprehensive curriculum, fuel the Prostart program. The program encourages high school students to
experience all aspects of operating and managing a foodservice establishment, and also helps students
build good business and management skills. These skills are as vital to other industries as well as to food
Through the Prostart program, a partnership is created between schools and their local restaurateurs to
provide job-relevant education at the high school level. During internships, students apply concepts they
have learned in the classroom. This 2-year program provides instruction in 25 subject areas, ranging from
basic food preparation, accounting and cost control to sanitation and workplace safety. The classroom
comes alive with job-relevant lessons and the workplace provides hands-on learning and training
Course Objectives:
Chapter 1: Overview of the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry
Chapter 2: Keeping Food Safe
Section 3.1 Kitchen Safety
Chapter 4: Kitchen Essentials 1
Chapter 5: Kitchen Essentials 2
Chapter 6: Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
Chapter 7: Communication
Chapter 8: Management Essentials
Chapter 9: Fruits and Vegetables
Chapter 10: Serving Your Guests
Chapter 11: Potatoes and Grains Advanced Yeast Breads, Desserts
Chapter 12: Building a Career in the Industry
Additional Units:
Catering: Activities
A student’s grade will be based on daily assignments, projects,
quizzes, tests, group assignments, lab participation, Catering
Service Projects attendance and punctuality. These points will
reflect attendance, punctuality, being prepared, cleanup and
your personal behavior. Punctual attendance is an absolute must
for you to be successful in this course. You are part of a team
and a lot of people are counting on you for their success in
this course. However, if you must be absent, please notify Mrs.
Fanion before 8:30am. It is your responsibility to make up
assignments missed. Each day an assignment is late, it will lose
10% of the possible points. After 4 days, it will NOT be
accepted. Missed labs must be made up on your own.
Student personal cookbook/reflective journal
Final exam
Course work
Catering Serive Projects
Homework will be necessary to prepare for quizzes and tests and
group projects as well as food preparation continued practice.
It will also be required if a student is unable to complete
assignments during class time or if he/she has an excused
absence. See student handbook for excused absence/homework
***Lab Make Up – If you have an excused absence, you will be
given two class days to make up missed labs at home or after
school for full credit. Use the make-up lab form and return it
completed with a picture of your product to your instructor.
No Cell phones or other electronics allowed in the labs.
Sign in and out as per procedure.
Be Professional at all times
Culinary 3 ProStart Food Service Production
I have read and understand the Culinary 3 Food Service
Production syllabus. If I have any questions or concerns, I will
contact Maureen Fanion Instructor, 751-3580 or email
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